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I have been on quite the hiatus and it genuinely concerns me when I look and see how long it’s been since I last posted on my little website, but new year, new me and all that!

So, I’m back from a different location for a little while while on holidays in the US, having a lovely trip and enjoying some time away before I go back to University in Sydney in late February, early March. Looking forward to a really exciting year, and much more activity on my website and Instagram accounts.

Below is a collection of my travel skincare that I brought with me to the US, as it is a good insight into my current skincare loves and the things I would personally recommend to anyone travelling overseas to a cooler country, or even someone living in a cold climate such as the Midwestern area of the United States. I have been loving all these products, and not just since travelling, but also at home.



I knew when travelling to Cleveland, Ohio, it would be cold, and I wanted to ensure that my skin remained hydrated the whole trip, as I have dehydrated skin and thought multiple flights, cold winds and below zero celsius temperatures, so I knew my skin wasn’t going to love the whole experience. The face oil was the perfect product and definitely my top recommendation for anyone travelling somewhere much cooler than their regular climate. Adore this face oil, and mixing it with the ‘Very Useful Face Cream’ as they combine beautifully for ultimate hydration and no dry patches or flaking.


GO TO SKINCARE – Very Useful Face Cream:

When the tub of this cream arrived in my deliveries, I wasn’t that excited having previously overlooked this when enjoying the Go To Skincare range. However, I thought the packaging was super cute, and that was enough to reel me in. So after, using it for a week or so, I decided to bring it on holidays with me. So glad I decided to bring it with me, it was so hydrating on my skin, and sat beautifully under my makeup meaning I can use it in the morning as well as the evening. Also combines perfectly with the face oil from Go To, so I could hydrate my skin even further.


OBAGI MEDICAL – C Cleansing Gel:

In hindsight I wish I had brought a cleansing oil with me as well, as I am normally a consistent lover of double cleansing, beginning with cleansing oil and following with a cleansing gel. However, this cleansing gel was perfect and removed all aspects of my daily makeup. I also love the added brightness of the vitamin C addition to the cleanser, as well as not stripping my skin.


OBAGI MEDICAL – C Balancing Toner:

While my skin hit an all time dry due to the temperature drop well past my usual sub tropic weather, toner was still important to allow my pores to remain contained and free from congestion. Have been loving the vitamin C infused range from Obagi Medical and especially the toner and cleanser, both of which came overseas with me.


DERMALOGICA – Stress Positive Eye Lift:

While I don’t always use an eye cream, I decided that this one couldn’t hurt to bring. The cool metal tip from where the cream is dispensed adds a really cooling sensation to the skin, and helps to reduce any puffiness around the eye area, very soothing, and another recommendation for in flight skincare.


ENDOTA SPA – Radiance Boost Serum:

Knowing how cold it would be and how my skin has a tendency to become dull quite quickly, I thought that a radiance serum would be my best addition to my travel skincare. This worked beautifully under my moisturiser, and was a lovely light layer in my skincare, without making my skin feel drenched in product. Helped with the brightness of my skin and making me feel less like a frozen snowman.


CINCH – Face Cheat Moisturiser Spray:

An inflight must have, such a fabulous spray that actually assists in hydration, but doesn’t flood the face. I love using this through out my flights, and find that it helps makes me feel less dehydrated and dry during over 24 hours of travel. Also a lovely way to add hydration at any point through out the trip.


SHU UEMURA – Moisturising Lip Balm:

Never thought I would love a lip balm so much, but this one is truly incredible. Love using this at all times through out the day, and not only when on holidays, but this one is so deeply hydrating that it was a must bring with me on holidays. Perfect for windy weather and snow, helped prevent any major chapping or cracking in my lips.


NIP + FAB – Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme:

These were a fabulous addition to my basic skincare routine that I tried to maintain, these were super convenient and very easy to travel with, they were also a great addition in between flights especially after one long haul flight, with a couple of connecting flights to follow.


SKINSTITUT – Enzymatic Micro Peel:

This was a life saver, especially after visiting New York City, with some brutal winds. I love leaving this on over night, or for an hour or two and it doesn’t disrupt my skin or irritate it in any way. I love how soft this makes my skin, and also lets me remove any dead skin caused by a massive decrease in temperatures my skin has been exposed too.


SKINSTITUT – Hydrating Mask:

Hydrating masks of some sort are a definite necessity at all times, but even more so when travelling or experiencing a very chilly winter. I love sleeping with this one on because it’s not overly thick or creamy feeling making it comfortable, but it also delivers intense hydration. Definitely love using this in conjunction with the enzymatic micro peel, perfect order using the micro peel beforehand and then using the hydrating mask to follow up.


SIMPLE – Regeneration Age Resting Cleansing Wipes:

A massive cleansing wipe skeptic and still only use them on a must basis, but I enjoy them on flights when I can’t feel clean no matter what I do. These wipes in conjunction with the moisturising spray helped me feel a little bit alive and less shrivelled the 15 hour major flight, and the following 2 connecting flights.



    1. You definitely got me hooked on that initially, so glad I tried it, such a fabulous product. I am actually so glad that I brought it with me, such a life saver in the cooler weather! Thanks for reading Rach x

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