SKINCARE: Face Halo.

In skincare, it’s difficult to create anything truly new as so much has already been done, now enter the new Face Halo. Face Halo is a microfibre circular cloth that is lined and double sided with a small tab on one side. The disc is designed to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, and can be used alone with water after being thoroughly dampened.

Face Halo has started a cleansing storm online because of the popularity of one of the co-owners Chloe Morello. Chloe Morello’s personal following online couldn’t be bad for business in regards to Face Halo, and certainly has lead to an aspect of the products immediate popularity, but I was definitely very curious if it was gimmick related hype, or if it was genuine love for the product.


The product comes in a packet of 3 face halo’s and they recommend spot cleaning after each use or every couple of uses, and then washing in the washing machine once a week placed in a washing bag, and can apparently have 200 wash cycles. I love how environmentally friendly the concept is in comparison to the usage of makeup wipes or even micellar water and cotton rounds.

This is only my first time using this product, and it has pleasantly surprised my skeptical expectations. While I don’t think this can be used as the exclusive way to clean the skin, I think it’s a fabulous way to remove makeup or if you’re not a makeup wearer, then this could be used to gently clean the skin of any daily pollution and general daily grime.


I loved that I didn’t need to use a cleanser to remove the majority of my makeup, even though I was wearing a full face of full coverage makeup. I find it just as effective if not more than using makeup wipes or using micellar water and cotton rounds. After using the face halo, I simply washed my face with any cleanser and my skin feels completely clean of any makeup.

Now, for those of you with sensitive skin who may be as cynical as I was and afraid that the face halo may negatively affect the skin or aggravate redness, these were my major concerns. However, my skin looked no different than if I had of used a regular cleanser. My skin looked dramatically less red in comparison to when using micellar water and cotton rounds, and still felt clean. The microfibre material really is soft enough that it didn’t aggravate my rosacea or skin texturing.


Overall, loving this product and found it easy to use, effective, and easy to clean, honestly no complaints about this product. I love that they come in a packet of 3, and I think considering the 200 washes per face halo, they are really great value at $30 on the Face Halo website. They will be soon launched into Priceline stores across Australia as the exclusive in store stockist, as well as being available on the Face Halo website.

Please let me know if you have used the Face Halo and if so, your thoughts in the comments!

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