FOUNDATION: The Ordinary Foundation’s.

The Ordinary is a skincare and cosmetics brand that has been wildly popular over the past couple of years being an incredibly low price point whilst having effective skincare, and the release of their foundations has been popular world wide. After having a huge wait list for all foundation shades, I was very excited to trial the foundation having heard such incredible reviews and needing to know what the hype was all about.

So luckily being sent both the foundations I was able to trial them, and have even converted a couple of girlfriends into loving the foundation on my USA holiday in January. So, I have reviewed both foundations below as they are in stock on The Ordinary website and are also available from Adore Beauty, as well as other stockists of The Ordinary.

They are also cruelty free, so every one can feel good about testing out their products. The Ordinary and all of Deciem’s brands are an incredibly low price point making them budget friendly as well as being effective and enjoyable products.



  • 21 shades.
  • Oil free.
  • 30ml.
  • Medium – full buildable coverage.

My shades are 2.0N, with tan & 1.2N when I have not tan on.

I was expecting this to be my favourite of the two foundations, but my first impression of this foundation was terrible. I couldn’t stand the way it looked on my skin, it made my normal to oily skin look dry and flaky, something I had never experience before. However, I’m a big believer in giving products a second try, and I’m so glad I did.

I find that I prefer this foundation when applied using a sponge, and ensuring that my skin isn’t more textured than usual and has been exfoliated and moisturised well before wearing it. The sponge application ensures that the foundation blends a little bit easier than when applied with a brush.




  • 21 shades.
  • Oil free.
  • 30ml.
  • Light buildable coverage.

My shades are 2.0N, with tan & 1.2N when I have not tan on.

This is my favourite of the two foundations, and is definitely more liquid of the foundations. It is a very thin foundation, meaning that it doesn’t work well with a sponge as it absorbs into the sponge, a kabuki style brush is my favourite to use with this foundation. The coverage is light initially but can easily be built up in light layers to a medium coverage, which is when I like it best.

I find that it lasts well when set it with a powder and be sure to wear primer, but after a full day of wear it does need a slight touch up with powder to refresh the look.


Both foundations have a moderate shade range, because while it is 21 shades which is commendable, it does strongly focus on the fair to light shade ranges, which while I appreciate it for my skin, obviously doesn’t suit everyone on the market.

I love the foundations for slightly different reasons and find that the serum foundation is perfect for when I want a glowy look and find that my skin is the main aspect of my look. The serum foundation I prefer for longer days and times when I need more coverage and more longevity on the skin.

The packaging is not special in my opinion, but I do enjoy the practicality of it, being a plastic bottle meaning that it is easier to travel with without potential for breaking like glass bottles, but the pump is easy to dispense and can be locked after each usage resulting in less waste.

For the price point I can’t think of many others that compare to these foundations, especially the serum foundation which feels like a foundation from a very different price point. Sadly, these are not currently available in Australian stores, and only online making colour matching quite difficult.

EDIT: Deciem does have 2 stores in Australia in both Sydney & Melbourne, so keep those stores in mind if you are in either of the 2 major cities, as well as currently having a pop up store in Canberra currently.


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