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SEASONAL: Winter Surivial.


Winter is a very difficult time for hair, skin and in my case my lips. Cool weather and wind reek havoc on all the bits we try so hard to keep hydrated and happy all through the other months of the year. Air conditioning and heating are another difficult part of Winter and especially effect skin and lips making both dry and at times flaky.

Personally having normal-oily combination skin, Winter doesn’t affect my face too badly, other than dry patches on the bottom of my cheeks which are heavily dehydrated. My body becomes incredibly dry even though my skin is never exposed, and my lips become cracked and painful. So, overall my body doesn’t cope particularly well with the cooler weather, so I’ve come up with some never fail products that help me look more lifelike in the colder season.

I’ve got a variety of categories and suggestions for each, these are mainly just the type of products that I use a little bit more during Winter, and therefore can obviously be interchanged with any of your favourites, or anything else you’ve been trialling and loving.


Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment – $51.95 (Adore Beauty).

Hair masks are a favourite of mine all year round and are necessary for growing long and healthy hair and help to minimize split ends and maintaining shine. I love Pureology haircare and their superfood hair masks are fabulous and intensely moisturise my hair. Perfect for during a bath or even just put it in for 5 minutes at the beginning of a shower.



Jergens Skin Firming – $9.99 (Priceline).

Jergens have a range of fabulous moisturisers all in large pump packs that make for very convenient bedside companions, perfect for winter evenings sat in bed with the heater on. Considering how thick this moisturiser is, it absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave a residue on the skin other than feeling hydrated and soft.



Biologi Hydration Body Serum – $64.95 (Biologi Online Store)

This hydration body serum is very akin to a body oil in terms of how intensely it moisturises. I have been loving body oils, and this body serum in order to really add an extra level of hydration to my skin while it’s been so dry and dehydrated. This definitely takes a little bit longer to absorb, but that’s potentially due to the fact that I truly slathered this all over my body.



Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub – $49.00 sale for $32.83 (Adore Beauty)

Skinstitut is a favourite brand of mine, and I love that they have a variety of ranges, the glycolic range is a little heavy duty for my dehydrated, rosacea-prone face. However, the glycolic scrub can be used on the body as well as the face, which is fantastic for the really dry parts of the body such as knees, elbows and the patch between elbows and shoulders which is one of my problem areas. For those of you with oily skin, this could be suitable for the face, but the dry and sensitive skin ladies I would not recommend for the face.



Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant – $85 sale for $61.25 (Active Skin).

Charcoal has been a hot commodity in the skincare world for the past year, and while it does sometimes negatively affect my skin because of it’s drying nature, however, this daily superfoliant isn’t too strong for my skin. It allows me to absorb the benefits of charcoal without overwhelming my skin and being a gentle enough exfoliation that I can normally use it twice a week.



Skinstitut Hydrating Mask – $49.00 sale for $32.83 (Adore Beauty).

Hydrating masks are a necessity of having dehydrated skin, and always perfect for cooler weather to prevent flaky or excessively dry skin, especially if you don’t wear makeup or moisturiser daily to act as a barrier between skin and the elements. Very self-explanatory this mask is just a simple leave on and allow it to sink into the skin, I like to leave this on the skin for an extended period of time while watching TV just to keep it on as long as possible.



Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel – $49.00 sale for $32.83 (Adore Beauty).

A longtime favourite of mine, and probably my favourite product from Skinsititut. I have used this a thousand times it feels, and fall more in love with it every time I use it. Having dehydrated skin can make exfoliation difficult at times, but this makes my skin feel brand new without drying it out. I love leaving this on for a couple of hours and even putting it on before bed, sleeping with it as an overnight mask and then washing off the layer of dead and exfoliated skin.



Go To Skincare Face Hero – $45.00 (Go To Online Store).

Face oil’s are a favourite product of mine throughout the year, and the Face Hero from Go To is probably my all-time favourite. While obviously, I slather this product all year round I find it especially handy during cooler weather, and even came with me on my start of the year holiday to a Mid Western American Winter, much colder. I find that this protects my dehydrated patches on my face, and prevent them from becoming larger and my face becoming one large dehydrated patch. Perfect for waking up with a glow to the skin that I probably didn’t work hard enough for, but I love this easy option in skincare.


*USA ladies, Go To Skincare is currently only available online with worldwide shipping, but is coming in stores to Sephora US. I’m very jealous, so snap it all up.


Blistex Lip Conditioner SPF15 – $4.99 (Priceline).

My lip’s during Winter is my biggest concern and something that I constantly struggle with while working in air conditioning all year round, as well as being a chronic lip licker while working out. I find that nothing really cures my lips long term, but does help prevent further damage, and does help my lips when it’s on. My only criticism of this product is that it comes in pot form, but due to its texture, I understand why it comes in the pot form.


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