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This month I’ve had a little bit more spare time on my hands, because of University holidays, so having more time to spend on my makeup routine and general self-care/ beauty routine. I love being able to try new products properly and also being able to go through my own collection and try products that have been previously neglected.

Below are some of my curated favourites of this last month, from a variety of brands and a couple of different categories.


BARE MINERALS – Gen Nude Buttercream Gloss ‘Totally’:

I have been hunting the perfect nude pink gloss for months now since I lost the perfect nude pink gloss that I bought in the US from Buxom, which sadly isn’t available in Australia. So my hunt has led me to the Bare Minerals Gen Nude range, which all looks gorgeous, and ‘Totally’ has been my first trial in the range, I have been loving the feel, colour and longevity of the gloss. It layers beautifully over lipsticks and lipliners, it has been on very high rotation in my beauty routine.


MARC JACOBS: Perfecting Coconut Face Primer:

Hydrating primers have been key to my winter skin being pleasant and easier to maintain during my skincare routine as they help to contribute toward added hydration. This primer sits beautifully on top of my skin and makes my appearance look glowing and dewy, while it may not contribute to the longevity of my makeup, hydrated skin always looks better with makeup on top.


SLEEK MAKEUP – Highlighting Palette ‘Precious Metals’:

This palette was once an online sensation but has since slightly fizzled out, however, I dug it out of my collection to revisit and see if it was still all that it was once claimed. Personally, the cream shades are my favourites, especially the bottom left and top right as I like a more natural glow from within appearance. A small duo fibre brush and these shades applied to the top of cheekbones and above my eyebrows, and a perfect lit from within look.


ERRE DUE – Festive Glow ‘Celebrate Tonight 212’:

Having been obsessed with glowing skin and a fresh base, this product has been my favourite to brighten up my cheeks and add some glow to the skin, without including chunky glitter or overly shimmery. There are two components to this product and I love the look of swirling the two together and lightly dusting the cheeks, and then applying a small amount of powder highlight on top and my base is glowing. A classic neutral pink shade that I think would suit a majority of skin tones.


BONDI SANDS – 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam:

Bondi Sands tans hadn’t previously wowed me entirely, but this 1-hour variety has really changed my attitude and is an incredible addition to my collection. I love how quickly this absorbs into my skin, and doesn’t stain sheets anywhere near as much as their original range, because even though it is a 1-hour tan, you best believe that I’m wearing this one overnight. The thick foam texture and finish colour are both fabulous and has helped this Bondi Sands overtake my other favourites.


MURAD – Nutrient Charged Water Gel:

A new favourite of mine, with a watery gel consistency and no scent, which makes it ideal for my evening skincare routine. My skin has been feeling really hydrated skin using this and has been helping my texturing on my lower cheeks which is also dehydrated. Pretty much my favourite skincare product now, and my boyfriend has also been loving it and he has incredibly dry skin so highly recommend.


AVEDA – Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair:

Leave in hair conditioners are a favourite of mine, and when people ask how I maintain hair almost touching my tailbone, my best recommendation is to minimise heat styling and then always use a leave in conditioner after washing my hair while it’s air drying. I love how little of this product I need to use, which leaves my hair feeling light and not weighing it down, whilst keeping it hydrated and nourished.


BLISTEX – Lip Conditioner SPF15:

I know I’ve mentioned this product before, but when I’ve bought three of these and have them strategically placed in my workplace, home and car, mean to me that I must really love it. They have some new releases in terms of packaging which is fabulous news for those who don’t love the original pot design, with more stick lip balm options, as well as their innovative pearl design, which has been a favourite for the end of this month. Love the high quality of Blistex lip balms, while being such an affordable price point.


Thank you for reading, and I hope this has either inspired you to try some new products or even go through your own collection and discover some old gems. Let me know if you have any products that you’ve been loving this month.




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