BEAUTY: Liquid Highlighters.

Mixing liquid highlighter into my foundation has become a favourite step in my routine to help brighten my complexion, give a general appearance of a healthy glow from within to any makeup look. I love how easy this step in my routine is, and also how it can be altered depending on the amount of liquid highlight added to the foundation mixture.


All of the beneath products are perfect additions to any foundation, and there is a variety of price points meaning that anyone can enjoy using this technique.


High beam has been somewhat of a cult product for a number of years now and is probably more suited to being dotted onto highpoints of the face, either before or after liquid foundation application. A light pearly pink with a small brush meaning that precise application is possible. This can also be used as the base to then lay down a powder highlighter to intensify the look.


COVERFX – Custom Enhancer Drops ‘Moonlight & Celestial’:

These are my favourite products, potentially in my entire collection, aside from foundations. The liquid highlight is so beautiful and can be intense of sheered out, I love the look this product gives when mixed into foundation, or when applied to the high points of my cheeks before powdering down my face. It can either create a glowing base or as the base to powder highlight which can be an intense highlight look. The ranges of shades in the product line are my favourite aspect, and they also have a matte version perfect for bronzing the face.




DECIEM – Hylamide Photography Foundation:

Out of all my recommendations, this is probably the most minimal of them all, and perfect for everyday looks or for anyone who wants a less intensely highlighted look. I would only recommend using this as a mix in with foundation, rather than dabbing on the face as a concentrate due to it’s thin and liquid consistency. This is a pearly shade so maybe a little limiting on the number of skin tones that can use the product, but I definitely recommend a swatch at your local Priceline because it’s a really beautiful product.


FACE OF AUSTRALIA – Mineral Therapy Illuminator:

Affordable and still a really beautiful product, that works as either a foundation mix in or as a dabbing illuminator to be placed in the high points of the face, or even in a moisturiser as a festival looks all over the body. A fantastic really affordable product with plenty in the tube, the perfect way to trial this type of product in an affordable way.


LUMA – Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer:

While this product is a primer, it does add the same effect and is probably a slightly quicker way of adding a glow to any base routine, so think of it as an honourable mention. I love this primer and its bronze appearance as it doesn’t necessarily darken the skin, therefore not altering the appearance of the foundation.

Another similar product to this is the Laura Mercier ‘Radiance’ primer, which is equally beautiful but far more difficult to purchase now in Australia.


I cannot recommend liquid illuminators enough and I love mixing them into foundation or applying them on the high points of my face, either before or after foundation depending on how subtle I want the look to be. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any favourites yourself!

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