HAIR: Dry Shampoo Recommendations.

Dry shampoo is a saviour of mine, having hair to my tailbone, meaning that washing my hair is a marathon event that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. As I do not blow dry my hair, I try to minimise the number of washes in a week, and dry shampoo is how I help maintain fresh hair, without washing constantly. I wash my hair around once or twice a week depending on what I have planned or how sweaty my workouts have been.


However, dry shampoo saves the day and helps minimise oils on my scalp whilst often adding texture. I find that the main issue with having almost black hair, as well as loving dry shampoo is that they sprays can often translate to a white powder on the scalp and hair which isn’t ideal. I believe I have found my favourites, and they are all below.

TONI & GUY – Rough Texturiser Spray:

While this isn’t technically a dry shampoo, this does help to freshen the roots, whilst not having a white transfer. I love the bonus of this product adding more texture to my roots and helps greatly with adding more life to hair that could probably do with a good wash.


L’OREAL – Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo:

It seems only natural that clay made its way into haircare after taking the skincare world by storm, its drying properties make it perfect for absorbing oil in the scalp and roots. I was very cynical, as this was my first time using clay in hair care, but this has really impressed me. I love that this dries out my roots and absorbs excess oils. Also, doesn’t have an intense white appearance on the roots.


KLORANE – Dry Shampoo W/ Oat Milk.

Klorane does my favourite dry shampoo’s and is a really lovely way to treat the scalp kindly, whilst also minimising oils and adding texture. This oat milk variety is perfect for Winter for myself, and for anyone with a dry scalp who also struggles with a sensitive scalp also because of its gentle formula. This does have more of a white residue than their other varieties but is still a lovely dry shampoo and my choice for Winter when my scalp is exceptionally dry.


KLORANE – Dry Shampoo W/ Nettle.

When Klorane launched their nettle range designed for brown to dark hair, I was thrilled. My favourite formula, but with a far less intense white residue than the other Klorane varities. This massages nicely into the scalp and doesn’t irritate my scalp, whilst also reducing oils and refreshing the roots. This has to be my personal favourites of all the dry shampoo’s I have tried.


Let me know if there are any dry shampoos that you love and think I should give a try, there are so many on the market, and I feel like I’ve tried about 50. Thank you for reading as always!

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