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BRAND FOCUS: Obagi Medical Skincare.

Obagi Medical skincare has been a favourite of mine now for almost two years, I love how wide their range of products is, and how effective their products are. Their cleansers are gentle but effective in removing makeup, their moisturisers are hydrating and their skin treatments assist with a variety of skin concerns. The products are high quality without being abrasive, and all packaging is functional whilst being simple.


Obagi was one of the first few high-quality skincare brands that I used and has been responsible for setting the bar so high in terms of my opinions and expectations of skincare products. My only wish in terms of Obagi products is that they be more readily available but are becoming more widely available. Obagi products are available from the Obagi Australia website and the website is easy to shop through, it is possible to shop by product range or by skin concern which I think is fabulous for those who are new to the brand.

On the Obagi website, there is also a complimentary online skin assessment available as well as an active phone line to discuss skin concerns or the product ranges, fabulous online customer service.


Below is a brief review of all the products from Obagi currently in my skincare collection, as well a couple of honourable mentions to products that I have used up previously and am no longer able to photograph for the purpose of review. I can confidently say that I have used each and every one of these products for an extended period of time, and have never been disappointed by any items from the Obagi range that I have used.


Exfoliators are something I struggle with due to having dehydrated skin with rosacea, so finding something that doesn’t inflame my face can be quite difficult. However, this exfoliating cleanser makes for the perfect product to use after cleansing and helps remove any remnants of makeup, whilst removing dead skin and excess oils. A personal favourite from the brand that I can use every other night or as a weekly treatment depending on the condition of my skin.



Gel-based cleansers are my personal favourite as they remove makeup well, without being drying on the skin, and are not too harsh that using a second cleanser after strips the skin. Having been through a couple of bottles of this, I love the gel formula, and that it contains small amounts of Vitamin C, adding brightness without using a dedicated Vitamin C serum every nights. Packaging is also ideal for travel, and have taken it on various overnight trips and overseas, without any spill or mess.



This toner tends to be less harsh than others I have used previously and would be my recommendation for those with sensitive or easily inflamed skin. I love using a toner to prevent my pores from becoming larger, control any oils around my nose and help my skin remain balance. This is the perfect toner if you have previously been nervous about trialling a toner out of fear of skin irritation or inflammation. Regardless of being a more gentle toner, it does still help prevent excess oils and minimise pore size.



While this toner does help to balance PH levels and is still gentle on the skin, it does control oils and help with pore size. Definitely, the stronger of the two toner’s I have tried from the brand so the oily skin care lovers or those with large pores may find this the more optimal of the two. The perfect toner for myself during Summer when I’m normally producing more oils and have more issues with pore size due to the hotter weather.


PROFESSIONAL C 10%, 15% & 20% SERUM:

I love that this Vitamin C comes in 3 different strengths making it a unique item on the market in my experience. Considering some people would have never used a Vitamin C product, it at times can be too strong for sensitive skin. Personally, I started by using the 10% and then the 15% and am now currently using the 20% with no side effects. It’s a great product for those who suffer from redness and find it difficult to subside, as well as beautifully brightening the skin.



A traditional eye cream that hydrates the delicate undereye without feeling heavy, and absorbs really quickly which is normally my main complaint regarding traditional style eye cream, as I hate the feeling of cream sitting on top of the skin rather than quickly absorbing. My only complaint about this product is the pot packaging, which involves a lot of dipping, but quite common for thick creams like this.



Being more of a gel formula this is more of a soothing product than the cream and is perfect for Summer, probably more so than a Winter product.  The pump makes it easy to apply the optimal amount of product, and it does help hydration but doesn’t have the same texture as a traditional cream. Perfect Summer skincare product, and helps the eye area feel hydrated without being overwhelmed. I find that this eye gel is perfect if I have excess puffiness which can at time occur because of sinus issues, ideal for those who wake in the morning looking a little puffier than preferred.



The ‘hydrate moisturiser’ is the perfect daytime moisturiser, and works beautifully under foundation or alone. I love that it feels luxe and thick, but absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a residue on the skin making it ideal for day to day wear. The generous pump makes it easy to moderate usage, and not overwhelm the skin, probably the most hydrating daytime moisturiser I have used.



This moisturiser has been a favourite of mine for a long time and has drastically improved my skin over time using it as a night cream. It has a rich creamy texture and is intensively hydrating while being comfortable to wear of an evening. Highly recommend for any skin type as it is hydrating enough for dry skin, but simultaneously absorbs quickly enough as to not irritate oilier skin types.


Special mention to the Gentle Cleanser & Foaming Cleanser from Obagi because they are both fabulous cleansers and makeup removers but I am currently out of the two.

Overall, if I had to recommend one product to anyone it would be one of the cleansers from the brand or the Vitamin C serum because of they’re gentle yet effective.

While I have been gifted all the mentioned items previously at various times in the past two years, this post is not a collaboration and I was not required to create this post and produced this post purely to share my love for an incredible brand that I feel deserves more recognition considering how amazing their products are.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and maybe inspired you to try some of their incredible products. Let me know if you have used Obagi products previously and if so what your thoughts were, and if you have a favourite product.



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