BEAUTY: Hydrating Primers.

Before realising that dehydrated skin was the cause of a lot of my skin concerns, I really avoided hydrating primers. I truly believed that I needed to focus on keeping my skin matte and using more silicone based primers that were based on pore filling and suppressing oils. Now I have seen the light and noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my makeup when using a more hydrating product, in comparison to a traditionally mattifying product.


While I do try to use a moisturiser under primer every day, sometimes in terms of time management it’s just not possible. As someone who will set alarms in order to achieve the maximum amount of sleep, my morning beauty routine has been honed to a finely tuned minimal steps routine. I have learnt that by using a hydrating primer, I can normally achieve a similar look and feel, almost akin to a moisturiser under a primer.

Below are my three favourite hydrating primers that really help to keep my skin hydrated, whilst maintaining the appearance of my makeup. Obviously, one downside to having moisturised skin can be that certain foundations will not adhere to the skin as successfully, which is why I favour hydrating primers so heavily now. During Summer, I do tend to double prime and use something to minimise pore size and oil production on my t-zone and then use a hydrating primer on my cheeks.


SHU UEMURA – Block Booster:

My version of this product is in the Limited Edition Mario Brothers packaging, but the product is permanently available from Shu Uemura. I love the balance between being a traditionally moisturising primer, with a little bit more lasting power than the average hydrating primer. I love the appearance of my makeup when using this primer, and it is the perfect way to trial hydrating primers if you are concerned that your foundation will not lay properly on top.


BOBBI BROWN – Vitamin Enriched Face Base:

This primer seems to be the OG of hydrating primers and a cult favourite. This genuinely feels like a classic thick moisturiser and only the tiniest amount of product is needed in order to use this primer. Personally, I need to wear this with a less dewy foundation as I find that my foundation doesn’t last as long with this primer as some others. However, I do love this primer for shorter days and special occasion makeup, for those of you with dry skin or severely dehydrated skin this would be a total winner.


MARC JACOBS – Perfecting Coconut Primer:

Lightly scented, with a soft moisturising feel and a classic pump packaging, not hard to understand why so many people love this primer. I find that of the three primers mentioned, this is the happy medium between being a thick moisturising primer, and a super light hydrating primer. This primer never fails to work with any foundation, and doesn’t prevent foundation longevity, also mixes beautifully with liquid highlighters.


Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my current favourite hydrating primers. A style of product that I never really thought I would love, but have found myself adoring, especially in the Winter months. Let me know if you have a favourite hydrating primer that you think I should try.

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