BEAUTY: Products Worth The Hype.

The beauty community can be a confusing place and can be overwhelming for those of who may be new to the landscape of so many brands, products and new releases constantly appearing. I love trying products that have been majorly hyped up, purely out of the curiosity of seeing if the herd mentality is really justified. While it can be fabulous to trial products that have an indie niche market, allowing to find personal gems that may have been overlooked. The curiosity in me can’t help but wonder if the heavily favoured products are really worth all the chatter.


So, I collated some of my favourite products, that are incredibly hyped, a discussion that was once very popular in YouTube videos, discussing products that are worth the hype they receive. My favourite heavily hyped products are below, to share things that I think are worth all the online love. You may be familiar with these products because of the attention they receive online, and you may recognise the products from previous reviews of my own posts as well as other online influencers.


FENTY BEAUTY – Pro Filt’r Foundation:

I can’t rave about this foundation enough, and I feel like I have talked about it hundreds of times, but just never get over this foundation. With so many shades in the range, Fenty really set the tone for all foundation launches after, and have been the benchmark for shade ranges for over a year now. As well as being an inclusive foundation shade range, it’s one of my favourite foundations, it wears beautifully, lasts well on my skin, photographs well and never fails to make the rest of my makeup routine look lovely. Definitely receives a lot of loving online, and truly deserves it.


TARTE COSMETICS – Shape Tape Concealer:

The most talked about concealer in the past year, probably of all time. This concealer comes in a large shade range and a huge tube with a very large brush head. It is a creamy formula that sets well under my eyes and does not crease. My main criticism of this product is that it is an Ulta exclusive, meaning it is not available in stores in Australia because Tarte Cosmetics is sold exclusively at Sephora in Australia, it is available online from the Tarte Cosmetics website with very pricey shipping.


TOO FACED – Better Than Sex Mascara:

So many other mascaras have tried to replicate this mascara, and I am yet to find one that I think genuinely contends with this mascara. A fibre based mascara, with an intensely black colour, beautiful pastel pink packaging and a weighty feel that I personally enjoy the feel of. I believe this is the highest selling mascara in Mecca Maxima Australia, and I personally understand why. Some people find this mascara to be flakey, which I don’t have an issue with. There is also a waterproof variety of this mascara, which I have not used that I cannot comment on.


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – ‘That Glow’ Glow Palette:

This palette is no longer available in this shade range but is available in other shades. The glow palette range is so popular from ABH, and they have had multiple releases and multiple collaborations between beauty influencers. The texture of this highlighters is beautiful, and I love that they continually released a variety of different shades in their Glow Palette range, which I think is really clever from the brand. Highly recommend, and I think this shade range is stunning.


LAURA MERCIER – Translucent Setting Powder ‘Light’:

While I’m devastated that Laura Mercier has taken all products out of Australian stores, I’m still in love with this powder and find that it is still my favourite everyday powder for setting the entire face or even just the undereye area. There has since been a darker shade released which has received positive reviews, but I have not trialled as it is obviously the wrong shade for my skin tone.



Everyone knows the ABH brow range, and they really put brows back on the map in terms of making them commercially available and setting the standard for other beauty brands worldwide. Since this product release, there have been so many brow products launched, and I feel like Benefit Brow products have since taken over as most hyped brow products. Although so many brow products have been released since this pomade was created, it is still a popular product and one that I still love.


Thank you for reading, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this review of some products that I think are well worth the online hype surrounding them. They are all fabulous products that are all well worth the high regard they’re held in. Let me know if there are any other products that you think are worth the hype and I should try out.

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