NAME: SK-II Pitera Essence Set Of 3.


AVAILABILITY: Sephora, Adore Beauty,  Myer, David Jones,





CLAIMS: The combination of these three innovative products increases texture refinement, firmness, wrinkle resilience, radiance enhancement, and spots control.



Having tried so much skincare out over the past three years since beginning my website, I can start to be a little jaded, and can have a bit of a ‘seen it all’ mentality. You really can’t reinvent the wheel, and sometimes skincare can all be a little repetitive. I had never tried SK-II prior to this set and had always heard great things about the Japanese brand which was launched in the 1980’s.

SK-II treads into the luxury skincare category and feels every bit the luxury on the skin. I am often hypercritical of luxury skincare as I feel there is so much lovely affordable and high-end skincare available on the commercial market. However, the SK-II ‘Facial Treatment Essence’ has a cult following in the beauty community and is raved about by consumers, influencers, magazine editors and everyone in-between. I was thrilled to try this product and was the main aspect of the set of three I was excited about.

From SK-II the set is the ‘PiteraTM Essence Set’ which retails for $144AUD – a pretty penny to say the least considering it contains 1X Single Use Facial Treatment Sheet Mask, 1X 75ML Facial Treatment Essence, 1X 30ML Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. The Essence is a decent size, the clear lotion is a small sample size, and as lovely as the sheet mask is, it’s only single use so definitely pick the perfect time to try it out.

I would love to tell you that this is overpriced, you don’t need it, you can find the same thing elsewhere for a cheaper price. That would be a lie. I haven’t been blown away by each of these products, and can safely say if you’re willing to splurge, or want to trial their range this set it a fabulous introduction.

The Facial Treatment Essence is unlike any other product I’ve used, and I cannot find anything that is similar to it – the day I do I’ll scream it from the rooftops. The Facial Treatment Clear Lotion has helped my skin to look more refined, and make pores appear less exposed and just generally my skin appearing clearer. The Facial Treatment Mask is the one item from the set that I could live without, it is arguably the best sheet mask I have ever used, but I personally prefer sleeping masks as I find they have better penetration on my own skin.

I highly recommend this set from SK-II, and if I needed to only select one product, it would be the beautiful Facial Treatment Essence that has dramatically affected my skincare routine. I am now lusting over SK-II’s range of masks as I can only imagine how luxe they would be. If the brand is in your price range, I highly doubt you would be disappointed. This could even be a fabulous idea for bridal skincare or another special occasion.

Please let me know if you’ve tried anything else from the brand as I am now incredibly curious after being so impressed by their products.

DISCLAIMER: These products were gifted to me for trial purposes, over a year ago with no promise of a review involved in the gifting process. All opinions are my own, as an amateur skincare lover. Please keep in mind that I am not qualified in any way regarding skincare, have not studied it an am simply dispersing information based on my own personal experience and use of the mentioned products. If you are suffering from serious skin concerns please seek the advice of trained professionals, but for those of you looking for simple product recommendations then, by all means, continue to read my website. 

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