SKINCARE: Face Masks.


While I have so many face masks in my collection I find that I often forget to use them for whatever reason, just out of pure laziness more than anything I think. So when I do remember to use face masks, it’s normally for two different reasons, either I feel like I’m breaking out/congested pores or my skin really needs some added hydration. Congested pores and dehydrated skin are my main two concerns and considering that face masks are designed to treat skin concerns, those are what I look for in masks.


I love hydrating masks, and pore extracting style masks, so it’s no surprise that the three masks I have been loving are one hydrating mask and two pore extracting style masks. Finding the perfect pore extracting mask is a hunt that I feel like I will always be on, but these two are my current favourites.



Sleeping hydrating masks are a favourite of mine personally, and I love the dramatic difference I feel and see in my skin in the morning. This hydrating mask from Lancome is perfect to sleep in and wake up to beautifully hydrated skin after using. Really recommend before an upcoming event or special occasion. My skin appears far less dull and there is a plump appearance that I just don’t find with my other hydrating masks. Another Summer favourite of mine because of the cooling feel when applied to the skin.




While I have normal skin, I do have enlarged pores and quite stubborn blackheads on my nose and in between my eyebrows. This mask is a little too drying for my entire face but perfect for troublesome areas, or spots that may have popped up. This does make a noticeable difference in regards to my pore size and how noticeable the blackheads appear – because they genuinely refuse to leave.



Having previously had really negative experiences with clay masks, I was very sceptical of this mask when I received it, as I assumed it would be too harsh for my skin as most clay masks are. This mask, however, is gentle enough that I am able to leave it on for around 10 minutes without creating a red inflamed appearance to my skin once I remove it. I love how refreshed my skin feels after using this mask, and is a perfect addition to my self-care Sunday evenings, making my skin feel ready for the week ahead. As always I recommend using extra hydrating products after using a clay maks regardless of your skin type as to ensure that the skin is not excessively stripped of moisture.


If you have any fabulous mask recommendations please let me know if you have that you think I need to try out, and especially if you have anything you think would magically disrupt the congested pores and blackheads on my nose area, because nothing seems to extract them completely. I think it may be a job for a microdermabrasion because I just can’t seem to find anything to remove them at home, frustration is at an all-time high!

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