SKINCARE: Dermalogica Clear Start.

Dermalogica Clear Start range is designed to help treat and prevent breakouts in young people whilst not stripping or drying the skin in the same way that some acne treatments can. I love a skincare range that aims to treat a skin issue but doesn’t create another by drying out the skin or creating dehydrated skin all the while treating acne. The Clear Start range aims to respect the skin, whilst treating and preventing acne, a common issue that many young people struggle with.


While personally never having actually had what would be considered acne, I have always had hormonal breakouts, which happens when I am hormonal and also when stressed. However, I do have clogged pores on my nose and either side of my nose, and on the centre of my forehead. While these pores have not actually created acne, I have been trying the remove the blackheads and unclog my pores for some time now. So naturally when I received this range I really didn’t think it was applicable as I do not have acne, these products were ideal for me to trial to see if they would assist in unclogging and refreshing my pores.

The ‘Fizz Mask’ & ‘Breakout Clearing Booster’ are the only two new products from the range, but the entire Clear Start range is new to me and my collection. After loving Dermalogica original range, I had high expectations for this range. For the more mature skin or those who do not have acne or clogged pores, I highly recommend Dermalogica skin care.

Fizz Mask (Blackhead Clearing) $32AUD:

This mask is a genius concept and I don’t know how it has not been created previously. I love the feeling of the fizzing on the T-Zone and find that my pores appear far smaller and my blackheads and breakouts are less obvious as well. Not as aggressive or drying as most pore treatments, so a lovely alternative for those with dry or sensitive skin.


Foaming Wash (Breakout Clearing) $29AUD:

While this is a foaming wash, it is a gel based texture, which was surprising for me personally. I love that it is gel based but still is able to foam up nicely on the face. The product is designed as a face wash and works well to remove makeup as well, however, I do find I need to double cleanse if I am wearing makeup.


All Over Toner (Breakout Clearing) $29AUD:

Spray toners are a favourite of mine, due to be sceptical of how much product is really applied to the skin when using a cotton pad with typical toners. I love how refreshing the lemongrass ingredient is on my skin after cleansing. This toner also doesn’t dry out my skin as some toners can, and does not contain alcohol, a great introduction to toners if you’ve never used one before and concerned that they will be too harsh on your skin.


Breakout Clearing Booster (Breakout Clearing) $32AUD:

A classic spot treatment that I think everyone should have in their collection, however, personally I don’t notice a huge difference in my spots when using this product because of my spots being hormonally related to my menstrual cycle. This cream has ensured however that my spots do not last as long when using the cream in comparison to their longevity without the cream.


Matte Moisturiser (Oil Clearing) $33.50AUD:

I wish this moisturiser was around when I was in High School, as I never wanted to look glowy (why I’ll never understand) and desperately needed to inject some hydration into my skin. This works well in the place of a primer, or even underneath a primer as it dries down matte so does not shift the appearance of the foundation of BB creams. This is a lighter moisturiser so I would more so recommend as a day-time moisturiser.


Hydrating Lotion (Skin Soothing) $33AUD:

The matte moisturiser is perfect for daytime use, I prefer using this as a night time moisturiser as it is more hydrating. However, if you have drier skin than this may be perfect for daytime usage, and maybe look into something richer for evening hydration as this may not be enough to full hydrate dehydrated or extremely dry skin.


In my opinion, this range is reasonably priced, with functional packaging and aesthetically pleasing to their target market. I enjoy the simple instructions and the uncomplicated nature of the clear start range. I love that the range is not as drying as so many skincare ranges targeted towards breakout clearing, all of the products have been effective yet gentle on the skin, a key when treating troublesome skin concerns.

The Dermalogica skin care range and their clear start range is available from Mecca Maxima, David Jones, online from Dermalogica and authorised Skin Centres from August 1st 2018. This post was not sponsored or encouraged in any way by Dermalogica, but all items were gifted to me.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that I am not qualified in any way regarding skincare, makeup or haircare and have not studied them, and am simply dispersing information based on my own personal experience and use of the mentioned products. If you are suffering from serious skin concerns please seek the advice of trained professionals, but for those of you looking for simple product recommendations then, by all means, continue to read my website. 

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