FRAGRANCE: Current Favourites.

A lot of my current favourite scents are also my Winter favourite scents, and while I am slowly transitioning into my Spring and Summer scents I thought I would share the fragrances that I have been wearing most often over the past three months. I find scents almost impossible to describe, so I won’t even really try.

I’ll just say that I love all three scents and sincerely suggest checking them out if you are in the market for a new fragrance. I’ve included a brief description of each and the notes of the fragrance below. Personally, I believe that fragrance preference is so heavily impacted by PH levels on the skin and personal preference, so definitely check this out in person if possible.


NE’EMAH – Oriental Musk:

$ – unable to find online, but available at Sephora to my knowledge.

I normally hate musk fragrances, but this one is a gorgeous warm scent with a touch of sweetness as well as the musk element. Always receive compliments when I wear this and it lasts all day on the skin.

NOTES: Vanilla, Jasmine, Sandalwood & Musk.

Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria:


Calvin Klein fragrances are an all-time favourite of mine in regards to their¬† Men’s fragrances, but have loved this Deep Euphoria for Women as my first introduction into Calvin Klein’s Women’s fragrances. A daily favourite of mine that lasts well on my skin as well.

NOTES: Chypre Floral, Cascalone, Black Magic Rose & Musk.

DIOR – Hypnotic Poison:


Dior fragrances are my all time favourites, and find they last beautifully on the skin and always have a balanced scent on my skin. This is probably my ‘sexiest’ perfume, and perfect for Winter when I find night time fragrances more appropriate for everyday wear. This scent is a pick me up in a bottle for me when I spray it in the morning.

NOTES: Orange Blossom, Tonka Bean, Jasmine, Vanilla.

Please let me know if there are any fragrances that you’ve been loving lately, as hunting for the perfect fragrance is a lifelong search of mine. Thank you for reading!

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that I am not qualified in any way regarding skincare, makeup or haircare and have not studied them, and am simply dispersing information based on my own personal experience and use of the mentioned products. If you are suffering from serious skin concerns please seek the advice of trained professionals, but for those of you looking for simple product recommendations then, by all means, continue to read my website. 

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