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EXPERIENCE: Dermalogica Pro Power Peel.

Dermalogica is a favourite skincare brand of mine and never ceases to disappoint me in regards to the effective nature of their products and the results they undoubtedly deliver with consistent use.

Recently I was kindly treated to their newest in clinic treatment, the ‘Pro Power Peel’. The ‘Pro Power Peel’ from Dermalogica comes in three varieties, with varying intensity, so something for everyone. Having never had a peel before other than an incredibly gentle enzyme peel, and also intense redness in my skin more often than not, I was definitely needing something on the more gentle end of the spectrum.


I was able to trial the UltraBright Peel from Dermalogica which claims to be ‘An ultra-effective brightening peel that targets the appearance of early signs of ageing with 30% lactic acid’.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but having had a number of skin care treatments in the past three years I am pretty ready for most things in regards to skincare treatments. The beautiful Dermalogica staff were all professional and accommodating and had fabulous attention to detail in regards to asking multiple questions regarding my skin, my concerns regarding my skin and what I hope to achieve with my skin. I was advised multiple times that I was uncomfortable or found the heat from the peel too intensive to let them know and the peel could be neutralized immediately.

I felt incredibly comfortable the through the entire treatment, and honestly did not find the treatment to be more than a 3 on the discomfort scale, and would compare it to a very light sunburn, but was fine to simply lie back and relax whilst having it applied in the multiple layers.


My only regret is that I did not take before photos of my skin the day before the treatment to show a comparison of my skin before and after the treatment, without makeup of course.  However, I can say that the peel has helped with my skin texture on my lower cheek area, and has made my skin look far brighter and more refined than previously. It has also slightly helped with the persistent blackheads on my nose, but I fear they will only be helped with regular microdermabrasion.

Personally, I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking into a peel to consider the Dermalgoica range of three, as I have been thoroughly impressed. The treatment was gentle enough that it did not excessively aggravate my red prone skin, but was effective enough that I immediately noticed a difference the next morning and felt more comfortable than usual in my skin when wearing no makeup.


Pricing of the ‘Pro Power Peel’ from Dermalgoica varies between $90-$170AUD, but I would highly recommend having a consultation in your nearest Dermalgoica salon and skin centers in order to discuss the right peel for your skin.

Since having the peel I have been using a range of Dermalogica products religiously, especially their Ultra Calming range to help reduce general skin redness and maintain moisture levels in the skin. Also ensuring that a strong SPF is being used every day after the peel is key to ensure that sun exposure does not damage the skin when it is most sensitive. I have been using the following products since my peel: Pre Cleanse Balm, Ultra Calming Mist, Skin Smoothing Cream, Skin Hydrating Booster & Barrier Repair – all from Dermalogica. Dermalogica also has recently released their at home ‘Rapid Reveal Peel’  which contains 10 individual at home peels for $127AUD.



I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how long my skin has appeared brighter since having the peel, and can’t wait to use the at home Rapid Reveal Peel to see if they offer similar results. Please let me know if you’d like to see a separate post on the at home peel from Dermalogica.

Thank you as always for reading, and let me know if you’ve had a Dermalogica peel or a peel from any other skin care clinic that you’ve been loving as well, or even any other skin treatments because they are one of my favourite experiences.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that I am not qualified in any way regarding skincare, makeup or haircare and have not studied them, and am simply dispersing information based on my own personal experience and use of the mentioned products. If you are suffering from serious skin concerns please seek the advice of trained professionals, but for those of you looking for simple product recommendations then, by all means, continue to read my website. 

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