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FAVOURITES: September ’18.

I have a new concept that I am beginning this month regarding my Monthly Favourites posts, I’ve implemented the new format below and it involved 5 separate categories, with one product from each that I’ve been loving for the month. It involves identifying a favourite product every month from Beauty, Haircare, Skincare, Fragrance & Body.  I’m sure there will be some months that I really struggle to narrow it down to one product, but I will do my best to keep it to one product a month.

I think this will help to show only the products that I’ve been truly loving and adoring, so please let me know what you think of my new five categories style favourites as I think this could be a great way to keep it simple and identify my true favourties.



BITE BEAUTY – French Press Lip Gloss ‘Flat White’:


I’ve been searching for the perfect nude everyday lipgloss, and I finally feel comfortable saying that I think I’ve found the perfect one. This lip gloss is the perfect nude on my light complexion and has gotten the balance of pink and brown perfect for my skin tone. The texture of this gloss is perfect as well, and doesn’t become sticky or heavy on the lips and wears well without becoming thick or chunky. Need to check out the rest of this colour range, after loving this one so much.


VS SASSOON – Digital Sensor Dryer:


I have a full review of the dryer coming up in October, but spoiler, I love it. The dryer is light enough that I can enjoy it with ease without straining my wrist, and is so effective in drying my ultra long and thick hair, no more sleeping with cold damp hair for me! Also, super stylish and comes with a beautiful silk bag making traveling with the dryer all the easier.


DERMALOGICA –  UltraCalming Mist:


Having rosacea and general redness on my face for my entire life, I am constantly looking for anything to reduce redness and bring my skin colour back to a more unified appearance, rather than red and blotchy. After having my Dermalogica Pro Power Peel, I was gifted this spray as aftercare for the facial, and have been loving this ever since. This helps to contain my redness and maintains my moisture balance. The soothing aloe vera makes this the perfect spritz to use all year round, and I’m sure it will have a huge workout in the Summer months.


TOUS – Les Colognes EDT 90ML:


Affordable fragrances are normally not my favourites, but I have been loving this one from ‘Tous’. This fragrance is available from Priceline in Australia and has been my go to all month. The frosted glass packaging is gorgeous and the tall bottle makes it a noticeable stand out on my shelf. I love the subtle musk in this fragrance, coupled with the floral makes it a beautiful everyday fragrance. This also does last all day on my skin, which is a must in any fragrance for myself as I don’t like having to top up throughout the day. ‘Tous’ also has another gorgeous scent their ‘Eau De Parfum’ which is a gorgeous mix of a variety of florals and also mixed with musk, but a far sweeter scent.


BONDI SANDS – Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil ‘Coconut Scent’:


Liquid Gold never really caught my attention previously as I foolishly believed would destroy any tan I was already wearing. This dry oil however only enhances the tan I have already applied and works to create an even more natural appearance when using a self-tanner. I love using this dry oil about 2-3 days after I have applied my 1-hour express from Bondi Sands as well, and find that it helps extend the longevity of my tan and adds a beautiful natural colour to the skin.

Thank you for reading this months favouirtes, I have had so many new favourites recently, and even some like the Bondi Sands that I’ve had for a long time but never really explored previously. Let me know if you have any favourites that you’ve been loving especially this past month.

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