FRAGRANCE: Tous Les Colognes EDT.

Affordable fragrances are something that I have always overlooked, and dismissed as often being overly sweet and just generally cheap feeling and smelling. However, the Spanish brand Tous has changed my opinion on the potential of affordable fragrances. Priceline in Australia has a small stock of this brands fragrances, but after perusing their website I’ve learned that they offer a large variety of fragrances, jewelry, gift ideas, watches, and even handbags.

Having had a sample of Tous ‘Eau De Parfum’ I was already intrigued by the brand as I adored the scent but was unaware of the brand or their incredibly affordable price point. Most recently I have been kindly gifted another fragrance from the brand which is their ‘Les Colognes EDT’ in the 90ml size.


I have been loving this fragrance recently and have found it to be a really amazing affordable fragrance that has been perfect for everyday wear. I am really rubbish at describing the fragrance, and am not even going to attempt a detailed description. All I can tell you is that this fragrance is predominantly a musk based scent with subtle floral notes as well.

NAME: Les Colognes EDT.


SIZE: 90ml.


NOTES: Musk, Rose, Peony, Mandarin, Rose, Sandalwood & Jasmine.


I really recommend checking out the affordable fragrance range from Tous that is currently in stores and online in Priceline Australia. I have personally loved both the ‘Eau De Parfum’ & ‘Les Colognes EDT’, and am sure the rest of the range is gorgeous as well. Thank you as always for reading, and please let me know if you’ve tried any of the fragrances from Tous, or if you have a personal favourite fragrance that you’ve been loving lately!

DISCLAIMER: This product was gifted to me, but I was in no way required to do this post regarding the product and all opinions are 100% my own. I just believe that this is an affordable gem of a fragrance that deserves more attention.

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