BEAUTY: Models Own Makeup Fixing Spray.

Makeup setting sprays have been wildly popular for the past 2-3 years in my opinion and have been mainly dominated by the high end and luxury beauty markets. This happens from time to time with new styles of products being heavily dominated by the high-end market as they have more financial backing and higher margins to be able to create higher quality products.

While there have been a lot of affordable setting sprays on the market over the past 2 or so years, none have really taken my notice, and personally aside from the NYX Matte Setting Spray, I really haven’t been impressed by any affordable setting sprays. That has all changed since after the last Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale in which I picked up 2 affordable setting sprays and have been impressed by both.


NAME: Models Own Makeup Fixing Spray.

PRICE: $14.95AUD.

SIZE: 200ml.

AVAILABILITY: Priceline, Amazon, Boots, Asos.

To me what has really distinguished the Models Own spray from the Australis Finishing Spritz ‘Matte’ is the ingredients used in the two sprays. The Australis spray, like so many setting sprays, contains alcohol as one of the first ingredients, meaning that it has a higher concentration of alcohol.

The Models Own spray does contain alcohol but it is the fourth ingredient in comparison with being the second ingredient, meaning that there is less alcohol in this spray that the Australis. This means that the Models Own is far less drying and damaging to the skin when using the spray. The Models own spray is also cheaper, and also contains more product, with the Australis containing 150ml in comparison to the Models Own 200ml spray.

I love how long wearing my makeup is when using this spray, and find that it still allows my makeup to appear natural with a natural glow coming through whilst wearing the spray,  but does help ensure the longevity of my makeup, thus being a favourite of mine. I’ve been loving this spray mainly for the way it makes my makeup appear, and also that alcohol is not as high on the ingredient list.

Models Own also has another spray in their range the ‘Aqua Proof Makeup Fixing Spray’ which from what I can see from their description seems to be more of a comparable product with MAC Fix + and more focused on blending the powders on the face rather than being exceptionally long-wearing.

Let me know if you have used either the Models Own or the Australis setting sprays, and I do enjoy the Australis spray, but personally prefer the Models Own. Also let me know if there is any other affordable, high end or luxury setting sprays that you’ve been loving as I’m currently loving having one in my makeup routine. Thank you as always for reading!


    1. I am obseesed with it! I haven’t found many other setting sprays that contain such a small amount of alcohol which is fabulous! Thank you for reading Rach x

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