BEAUTY: Base Products Favourites.

Face products serve as the basics to any makeup look and are my personal favourite aspect of any makeup look. While I love a gorgeous eye look or a statement lip, there is nothing better than the appearance of beautiful skin. Foundation is my favourite aspect of any makeup look, closely followed by the cheek and face products that work to compliment any beautiful foundation.


Below are my current favourite every face products that I find work with any foundation and base routine. Face products that last all day on the skin are key in my opinion as I am not a fan of mid-day touch-ups. While I don’t use these four products every day, more often than not there are at least one of these products on my face.

I normally apply powder face products in the following order: matte or semi-matte bronzer, illuminating bronzer, blush and then lastly highlighter. Obviously, sometimes this is substituted partially or completely by liquid or cream products, but when using powders that that is my order of operations.

TOO FACED – Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer:

This is the perfect natural finish bronzer because I wouldn’t class it as a matte or a particularly shimmery bronzer, this is the perfect balance to frame the face without being a classic contour. I love the milk chocolate version for my pale skin, but there are two more shades in the range that are darker than this one. I would show an open photo of mine, but it has been so well loved that it is predominantly pan at this point, need a new one ASAP.


HOURGLASS – Ambient Lighting Bronze ‘Radiant Bronze Light’:

No matter how many bronzers I trial, this will always have a special place in my heart. Nothing makes the perimeters of my face look as glowing or as flawless as this bronzer does. This adds the perfect balance of a glowing appearance without appearing glittery, but instead a finely milled sheen to the skin. Another bronzer that has darker shades that I highly recommend trying out, despite the hefty price tag.


MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Air Blush ‘Kink & Kisses’:

For the longest time, my favourite blush was MAC Cosmetics ‘Melba’ or ‘Peaches’ both are matte blushes that are incredibly minimal in their appearance and only add a light wash of colour. This is what I personally love in a blush, and find flatters my appearance best. I love the mixture of these two colours, and the light sheen that this blush adds, without being too much that I cannot apply a highlighter on top of it.


PONI COSMETICS – Unicorn Champagne Highlighter:

Highlighters have to be one of the most released products in the beauty industry, they are released so often and are constantly being created by brands. Personally, I prefer a lit from within style appearance and shy away from anything that contains a chunky shimmer or any glitter in it. I love a natural appearing highlight that doesn’t emphasis texture on the skin, and champagne is definitely my favourite shade selection in terms of highlighters. This Poni Cosmetics highlighter ticks all the boxes for me, and is so finely milled on the skin that it appears so light, but yet so reflective. The Champagne shade of this highlighter is gorgeous as well and compliments any makeup look.



Let me know if there any face products that you adore that aren’t mentioned above, as I love trying out new ones after hearing other peoples favourites. Thank you as always for reading!

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