HAIR: VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Dryer.

Hair Dryers have never been my favourite styling item, as someone with wavy/curly hair they always terrified me a little. As side from in the salon, I’ve never owned nor used a hairdryer. My Mother and her dead straight thin hair has always been a staunch user of hairdryers, and after traumatising myself in my younger years (the results were full poodle fluff hair) I had never really looked into getting one.

However, this past Winter especially I started to get a little bit curious regarding a hairdryer,  becoming wildly impatient to waiting for my ultra long hair to dry. I was so sick of sleeping with damp hair, and waking up to it slightly damp still.

Enter the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Dyer, with three attachments which included a diffuser, I felt a little bit more inspired to try out a dryer without as much fear. So, this dryer has changed my opinion on using hairdryers and has definitely made my life easier, and much faster in terms of getting ready.


I love that it comes with the three attachments: Styling, Straightening & Diffuser. I haven’t perfected using the styling attachment, but have been loving the diffuser and the straightening attachment makes straightening my hair so much faster than previously having to wait for it to dry and then straightening it.

The beauty of the digital dryer is that it self-regulates for the optimal temperature that is able to style and dry the hair without excessively damaging it, which was another concern of mine with other hairdryers.


The weight of the dryer is another favourite part of mine as it’s light enough that it doesn’t strain or cramp my wrist even when drying my hair from scratch, and is easy to control with ease.

The only thing this dryer doesn’t do is correct how overgrown my roots have become, not cute. I suppose you can’t have it all.


The dryer retails from between $169AUD-$199AUD and in Australia is available from Bing Lee, Myer, Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman & The Good Guys. From my little research online, the cheapest I have found it is from Bing Lee at $169AUD and they do have AfterPay available, which makes larger purchases so much easier.

Please let me know if you have used this dryer and your own experiences with it, or if you have your own favourite dryer that you couldn’t live without. As always, thank you for reading and visiting FaceOfSJW.

*This item was gifted to me from the PR of VS Sassoon for consideration, but I was not required or coerced to review it on my website or post about it in general, and this was not a sponsored post. All opinions are completely my own and have been formed by using the product multiple times. I am not a hairdresser or a beautician and have no qualifications regarding hair, but only my own personal experiences.

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