EXPERIENCE: Love Those Lashes EyeLash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions for me were always a massive curiosity because of the growing popularity of them, I knew there must have been a reason that they were becoming so wildly popular. My best friend getting hers done was when my interest peaked, as hers looked amazing and she gave a glowing review of how easy they were to maintain.

So when the PR for Love Those Lashes in Paddington approached and asked if I would be interested in getting a full set of Eyelash Extensions, it was really easy to say yes.


The Paddington salon has just moved, so they were still settling in when I got mine done. However, I was really impressed by how quiet and relaxing the salon was, especially considering it’s on Oxford Street. I loved the decor immediately from walking in and the all the staff were incredibly friendly from the beginning in explaining the entire process, making sure that they understood the look I was after and I really appreciated that they took the time to ensure that we were both on the same page regarding the look I wanted to achieve.


This would be my first recommendation regarding getting eyelash extensions done anywhere, make sure you know what kind of style/intensity you want to achieve when going to get your lashes done, just to ensure that you can articulate what you want so you’re not disappointed.

Personally, I wanted a natural full set of lashes that were slightly focused on the outer corner of my lashes to give a slightly ‘cat eye’ look because I naturally have quite round eyes and wanted to try and elongate my eyes to give a more almond appearance.


I was amazed at the appearance of the lashes once applied, I love the light feel of eyelash extensions in comparison with wearing false eyelashes. Honestly, I couldn’t feel the extensions when they were being applied and once the full set was on. This did surprise me as I had never had eyelash extensions beforehand.

The application took around 1.5 hours, which was longer than I realised because I didn’t really have any understanding of how long extensions took. Another recommendation is definitely going to the bathroom before getting them done as it does take quite a while and you want to be as comfortable as possible.


The bed/massage table style was comfortable for lying down for the procedure, and at the beginning of the lashes I was so comfortable and relaxed, I almost fell asleep while having them applied. However, personally, I am a very fidgety person and found myself becoming incredibly restless during the last half an hour of the procedure and became more irritated by lying on my back towards the end. This is very much a personal thing, and I find that I roll around a lot when falling asleep so it’s not surprising that I was so restless.

Some little things I’ve picked up from trying to be able to still clean my face without damaging my lashes would be to consider picking up a ‘face halo’ or similar product. The microfibre little cloth makes it super easy to clean off makeup and cleansers and has meant that I can still use my oil cleansers without damaging the lash glue. I still massage any cleanser into my skin, and then remove it with my face halo with minimal water, and then minimal damage to my lash extensions.

My only regret with getting lash extensions is that I have fair natural eyelashes and they don’t add any volume to my extensions because they are almost blonde. In hindight, I wish I had gotten my natural lashes tinted beforehand so that I would have my natural lashes as well as the extensions, therefore maximum impact.

Overall, I loved getting my lashes done at Love Those Lashes in Paddington, so if you are looking to getting your lashes done in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs or willing to travel to Paddington then I couldn’t recommend the salon enough. The salon was beautifully presented, the staff were friendly and accommodating, and most importantly I loved the way they did my lashes.


Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you’ve had any experiences with eyelash extensions, good or bad!


  1. I think they have done such a great job on your lashes! They look so nice and I definitely feel like your eyes look less round than usual (not that it’s a bad thing! – only that you wanted this specific effect). I think tinting your lashes would have been good, but I reckon the results are really good the way they are!

    Felicia //

  2. Your l;ashes look absolutely amazing! I would love to get lash extensions except for the fact that my eyes are so sensitive and I hate anything being near them so I don’t know if I would tolerate someone doing them for 1.5 hours. Another question I have is can you swim with eyelash extensions? Or does this ruin them?


    1. I think swimming in general would be fine, but probably not if your spending too much time with your head under water unless you’re wearing goggles. I haven’t done it myself sorry so I’m not sure! x

  3. the studio looks very clean and confy.
    I like your eyelash extensions a lot.
    really professional work

    Tina from Wimpernverlängerung Salzburg

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