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I wanted to make this post to raise awareness for the charity initiative that I personally love and support annually. I really encourage for people to check out either Share The Dignity over this upcoming Holiday season or even find a charity that you are personally engaged with and see what you can do to better others this Holiday season and the rest of the year.

This Holiday season of 2018, I am again supporting ‘Share The Dignity’, which is an Australian run not for profit charity that aims to supply sanitary items to Women in need. The majority of the charities focus is around providing sanitary items to Women who need them most, by creating vending machines and making donations to shelters and Women’s groups. What I love about the charity is the simplicity of their message, and how easy it is for people to become involved by donating products, rather than money which can leave some people feeling nervous as to how the funds are spent.

However, during the Holiday/Christmas season they have an ‘It’s In The Bag’ charity drive which aims to create a Holiday gift to Women in need. A genius idea which incorporates the gifting of a functional handbag, whilst also providing necessary sanitary and hygiene items whilst also being able to put a little gift of sorts in the bag as well. The ‘It’s In The Bag’ drive runs from 16th of November to 2nd of December and all completed bags can be donated to collection points, which are yet to be announced sadly,  but there are always updates on their Facebook page and website.

They also have donation bins for sanitary items all year round in a variety of chemists and other participating retailers Australia wide, and you can enter your postcode and find your nearest donation point. This is such an easy way to help those in need all year round and can be as small as a donation of one packet of tampons or pads.

Last year I participated in ‘It’s In The Bag’ and managed to donate 14 bags to the charity and found it to be very easy to participate in the charity initiative.

I really recommend checking out their Facebook page and website, in order to get a better understanding of the charity and what they do, and how you can best help out the charity if you’re interested. I’ve linked both the Facebook & Website below.

Thank you for reading, I’m currently up to 7 bags personally, and am looking forward to creating more as the Holiday/Christmas season is my favourite time of year, and also my Birthday so it is a really lovely feeling to be able to give back to others, especially when I am so fortunate to have so much in my life.

It’s In The Bag

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