SKINCARE: Pink Clay Masks.

Pink Clay masks have been ultra-popular lately and seem to have overtaken charcoal masks as the most popular skincare trend. Personally, the first time I used a pink clay mask, I had incredibly low expectations because after having such a difficult time with charcoal masks and finding them so drying on my skin. However, I’ve been nothing but impressed by Pink Clay masks that I’ve used thus far.

So, I thought I’d talk about three masks that I’ve been loving as I think it’s a really great way to detoxify the skin that’s a bit more gentle than the classic charcoal mask style. Personally, having mostly combination normal with some dehydrated patches on my lower cheeks, while also having enlarged pores around my nose, I don’t use this all over my face, and concentrate it on my T-Zone or anywhere that I’m having a breakout. If you are oily then this could be okay all over the face, but obviously, don’t leave it on for too long or you may strip the skin of natural oils, which are very necessary.


Both of the masks below are remarkably similar and have a very similar effect on my skin. Both are also available at Priceline, so easily accessible to the Australian market. I love both masks and really enjoy using both. The only real difference that I notice between the two is that the Alya Skin is a bit gentler on the skin, the Generation Clay is a bit dryer to my skin, which is positive in its own way.

For those of you with more sensitive and dry skin, I would recommend the Alya Skin mask, and for those with oilier skin, I would recommend the Generation Clay for a slightly deeper detox in the skin. Personally, I can use both and enjoy both having combination-normal skin, but as I said I don’t use either on my dehydrated patches because the pink clay will adversely affect the already dehydrated skin.

Generation Clay – Purifying Pink Clay Mask $49.99AUD:


Alya Skin – Pink Perfect Clay Mask $49.99AUD:


As you can see both are 60grams and RRP$49.99AUD, so are very comparable and generally very similar with similar ingredients and the same aim in mind. Thank you as always for reading, and let me know if you have any pink clay masks that you’ve used and loved or even hated?

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