BODY: Favourites From Bondi Sands.

Bondi Sands has such a cult following in Australia, and it seems to be spreading around the world. Their products are all affordable and easily accessible available from Priceline, mid-priced department stores and chemists. So, I’m talking all about the products that I love from this iconic Australian brand.


Tanning Mitt $9.99AUD:


This is probably the most ‘skippable’ product from the Bondi Sands range, it is just a really standard tanning mitt, nothing really special, but a perfectly fine tanning mitt, and worth picking up if you need one or if it’s on sale.

Also, peep Elvis’ hair all over the mitt, if you have a cat or a ragdoll you’ll understand.

Self Tanning Express Foam $24.99AUD:


The product that made me fall in love with Bondi Sands products love the feel of this tan and the colour it leaves on the skin. While it claims to be the 1-hour express, I personally sleep in it because I like that extra deep tan. It, however, doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin and doesn’t especially stain sheets the way I find regular Bondi Sands mousses do on my sheets.

Liquid Gold $19.99AUD:


People overlook this tan so much, and it’s actually my favourite from the entire Bondi Sands range. I love the natural colour this leaves on the skin, and doesn’t feel like it needs to be washed off straight away, but can be applied in the morning before the day without needing to be immediately washed off, does stain with excessive sweating or exercise or anything like that. Works beautifully applied on top of a washed off mousse, maybe a day or two after initial application just to help maintain the tan.

Self Tan Eraser $19.99AUD:


Genius, pure genius. Whoever from Bondi Sands came up with this needs a high five, because it’s saved my skin from some really questionable leftover tans over the past year or so. Stand in this bad body before showering for about 5-10 minutes, it’s not the most glam look but it ensures that the product absorbs nicely into the skin and that the majority of the remaining tan is removed.  High recommend for a regular tan user who’s time poor.

Reusable Exfoliating Mitt $12.99AUD:


Exfoliating mitts are the best way to exfoliate the skin super quickly but can be a little abrasive if you have super sensitive skin. I like to use this after having marinated in the eraser, and then gently using this to exfoliated off the remained of my tan. Be careful on freshly shaved areas because they can be sensitive if the exfoliation is too rough. Perfect for elbows, knees and ankles.

Thank you as always for reading, and let me know what your favourite product from Bondi Sands or your current favourite tanning product.

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