SKINCARE: Cleansing Routine.

Cleansing to me once just meant using a super abrasive scrub from St Ives and exfoliating my skin to an inch of its life. Times have certainly changed, and I imagine my skin must be very grateful for the changes I’ve made.

Cleansing now requires anywhere from 1 – 3 steps so it can be a little complex at times, but I find it’s an easy routine to get into and really helps to improve the appearance of my skin, the absorption of further skincare after cleansing and the overall application of my makeup.



Oil or Balm Cleanser – Face Halo.

This is probably the most ‘skippable’ section of my cleansing routine, but I love using my oil or balm cleanser often in conjunction with the Face Halo. Personally, I like to apply my oil or balm cleanser and then wipe it off using my Face Halo to help remove excess makeup, as well as removing the oil or balm cleanser. I use this to remove the majority of my makeup or debris from the day.


Gel or Foam Cleanser.

Gel and Foam Cleansers are probably the most common and most used style of cleansers in most peoples cleansing routine, and the easiest to remove the majority of makeup. Personally, I use foam and gel cleansers once the majority of makeup has been removed, and I normally just focus on using these style of cleansers to ensure that my skin has been deeply cleaned.

So, this is a short little post, but that’s because the next three days posts will be focused around the three different styles of cleansers that I love with recommendations for each style of cleanser. I’ve tried to incorporate a varied price range for each of the three styles of cleansers, with a variety of places to be able to shop them from.

Thank you as always for reading, and I hope you continue with me for the month of December with my BlogMas series and my daily posts through the month of December. I have been enjoying the series, but please let me know if you have anything you would like to see on my website. Do keep your eyes out for the next three posts with recommendations of oil, balm, gel and foam cleansers, there were too many that I love to put in a single post so I’ve split it up into three posts.


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