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Cleansing oils can go either before or after cleansing balms in my opinion, but I personally prefer using them after the balm as I find that balms remove the majority of my makeup slightly better. However, oils help to maintain the moisture in skin and still help to continue to remove makeup, if you are looking to skip a step in the cleansing routine, then I will often either just use an oil or a balm rather than both. I choose either a balm or an oil depending on what I feel my skin needs most at the time.


I’ve listed some of my favourite cleansing oils below and links to be able to access them online. These are not affiliate links and are simply links that I’ve sourced from googling the products, there are obviously more options for places to access these products, but are either stores or websites that I’ve had positive experiences with.

PHILOSOPHY – Purity Cleansing Oil $42AUD:


Philosophy is best known for the Purity Cream Cleanser, but I personally think this is an absolute gem from the Philosophy range that shouldn’t be overlooked. I love how well this emulsifies so well on the face and removes makeup with ease while leaving the skin hydrated and ready for using foam or gel cleansers next. My only criticism is that this doesn’t come in a pump, but the bottle can be squeezed so it’s easy to get all of the product out.

FRANK BODY – Anti Makeup Cleansing Oil $23.95AUD:


This is the cheapest of the lot and has an easy to use a pump and the cutest packaging of the bunch, which shouldn’t matter, but let’s be real it doesn’t hurt. I love how light this feels on the skin, and it really does help to remove makeup when mixed with water on the skin before foam or gel cleansers. Easily available from Mecca Australia wide makes it easier for more people to try.

SHU UEMURA – Ultime8 Sublime Cleansing Oil $69AUD 150ML –  $ 150AUD 450ML:


This is probably the most luxe feeling of the lot and removes the majority of makeup from the skin. It emulsifies makeup better than the other oils, and conveniently in a pump so the product isn’t wasted. Shu Uemura also have a variety of different formulas of this famous cleansing oil so there’s something for every skin type.

Thank you as always for reading, and I hope you’re enjoying my cleansing series thus far! Let me know if you have any oil cleansers that you love.



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