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BEAUTY: 5 Favourite Real Techniques Brushes.

Real Techniques brushes were some of the first beauty products that I ever really coveted, I clearly remember being 14 and having my first job, saving up my weekly pays to be able to go to Priceline and buy myself some of their brushes. After loving the Pixi Woo sisters Sam and Nic so much on YouTube I was so excited when they brought out their own brush range.


Personally, I think that Real Techniques base brushes are far superior to their eye brush ranges, and are by far my favourite affordable brushes available in store in Australia. A great affordable way to add more brushes to your collection even if you’re a beginner or like myself having collected brushes and makeup for the best part of the last decade.



This is such a versatile brush, and I have 3 in my collection currently. They can be used for blush, bronzer or I also use it for powder foundation or setting powder. I love that the bristles are dense enough to deposit product but long enough that it is slightly more diffused when applied to the skin. My most essential brush from the brand, and super easy to multi-use.



Sadly this brush is not sold separately but has to be purchased in the Face Favourites kit. The contour brush is perfect for a precise contour but also works beautifully to set powder under the eyes. I also love this to blend light cream contour as well as using powder contour with this brush.



Being such a lover of cream and liquid products, a stippling brush is a must have in my collection, and makes applying and blending cream and liquid products so much easier than using a traditional single fibre style brush. This brush has short enough bristles that it can easily blend product but is sparse enough that it doesn’t completely remove the product from the skin. I love using a cream bronzer with this brush or liquid highlights.



This like most Real Techniques brushes is very versatile, it can be used to apply setting powder under the eyes, set concealer on the eyelids, apply powder highlight, apply cream highlight or blend spot concealer. I love that it is fluffy enough to disperse product evenly, but the bristles are short enough that it can be concentrated if desired. Also being available separately means that anyone can enjoy this brush without having to buy it as a set.

Miracle Complexion Sponge $16.99AUD:


Perhaps the best ‘dupe’ for the Beauty Blender, this is an amazing affordable beauty sponge that is widely available, and roughly half the price of the original beauty blender, before it goes on sale. I love the flat bottom of the sponge which makes it perfect for applying cream products such as bronzer and highlight, as well as blending foundation and concealer.

Thank you for reading, and please let me know what your favourite Real Techniques brushes are, or if you have a different favourite brush brand that you think everyone needs to try.

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