BEAUTY: Favourite Affordable Foundations.

Foundation has always been my favourite beauty product and my favourite to trial. When I was younger and first fell in love with makeup, affordable foundations were so far behind the high end and luxury foundations, there was no comparison. However, in the past few years, I would say that affordable foundations have come so far to the point that some of my favourite foundations are available from Priceline and other affordable stores.


Affordable foundations typically fall behind in shade ranges in comparison to the more expensive counterparts on the market. For affordable foundations with larger shade ranges I really recommend checking out L’Oreal True Match, Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless and The Ordinary Serum or Coverage Foundation.

L’Oreal – True Match Foundation $29.95AUD:


This is such a classic foundation, I love how buildable the coverage of this foundation is and depending on the primer used underneath, it can be a dewy and glowy foundation, or it can be made into a more matte long wearing foundation if used with a mattifying primer and a setting powder on top after. There is also an expansive shade range available in this foundation, which makes it more accessible to the general public, as well as being widely available in pharmacies and affordable department stores throughout Australia.

My Shade = 2.N ‘Vanilla’.

The Ordinary – Serum Foundation $12.70AUD:


Now that The Ordinary is no longer plagued by problematic management I now feel comfortable recommending their products in my posts again. I adore this foundation, and for myself, it’s a really tough choice between the Serum and the Coverage foundation, they are both great affordable foundations that come in a decent shade range. I love the finish of this on the skin, and the natural appearance when wearing it whilst still being slightly perfected. However, I do not recommend this foundation with a sponge as it will absorb most of the product, much nicer when used with a brush.

My Shades = 2.0N ‘Light Medium’.

L’Oreal – Pro Glow Foundation $27.95AUD:


This is my most used foundation of 2018 and has been such a great foundation that I’ve used for almost every occasion. I love this finish, coverage and buildability of this foundation. It works beautifully with a sponge for a more sheered out coverage, and also works beautifully with a foundation brush in which the coverage can be built up. My only qualm with this foundation is the abysmal shade range available in Australia, 8 is not a shade range make. I am lucky enough that the shade 202 matches me very well, but I would feel much more comfortable raving about this foundation if I knew more people were able to use it if it had a larger shade range.

My Shade = 202 ‘Creamy Natural’.


L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation:


This foundation is only an honourable mention because it is not available in stores in Australia, which is a damn shame. I picked this up when in the US, and think that this foundation would be so popular in the Australian market because it lasts so well in warmer weather, and lasts beautifully throughout the day. If you’re in the US, then I really recommend checking out this foundation.

There is an Australian version of this foundation, but after having used both of these foundations I can guarantee you that they are not the same foundation, and personally I cannot stand the Australian version of the foundation.

Thank you for reading, and please let me know if there are any affordable foundations that you have been loving short term or long term. I hope you’ve enjoyed a couple of affordable foundation recommendations, they’re the perfect way to save some money without compromising your beauty routine.

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