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GIFT GUIDE: 2018 Holidays – Under $50.

BATISTE – Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo + Brush $9.99AUD:

Batiste is such a classic hair care product, and I think since this pack includes a hairbrush, it’s the perfect way to add a little something extra to the $10AUD price range. Perfect gift for Secret Santa or a little stocking stuffer. 

Available from Priceline, unable to find online.

SAVVY COSMETICS – The Sweetest Thing Set of 5 $12.95AUD:

Savvy Cosmetics are very hit and miss in my experience, but they’ve gotten it very right in regards to this gorgeous little highlighter set! Love the shades, and the variety in the pack. Great starter for anyone beginning makeup, or a nice little stocking stuffer. 

Available from Priceline, unable to find online.

PALM BEACH COLLECTION – Summer Bellini Christmas Mini Candle LE $16.95AUD:

Palm Beach Collection have an amazing range of holiday gift’s and a great range of prices to suit any budget or gifting opportunity. Love the sents they created for the Holiday range, and enjoy that there is a more traditional Holiday scent as well as the Summer Bellini which feels much more like a warm Australian Christmas.

NOELLE AUSTRALIA – Forest Luxury Energy Skin Smoothing Kit $24.95AUD:

Being available from Terry White Pharmacies this is the perfect last-minute gift pick up for someone who is conscious of the ingredients and ethics of their skincare. Perfect pack containing three products, meaning easier wrapping, and under $25AUD making it easy on the budget. 

Available from Terry White Pharmacies.

NATIO – Hand Treats Hand Cream Set $24.95AUD:

Every year Natio does a fabulous job of creating a huge range of Holiday gift sets. They manage to cater to every budget and present size and have gifts in their Spa, Skincare, Wellness and Makeup ranges. I love this hand cream set as they are the perfect size to put in a handbag or travel with. Another great stocking stuffer, or addition to another gift.

SOL CUPS – 12 Ounce $29.99AUD:

Being environmentally friendly has never looked cuter! I have been loving this as a ‘keep cup’ and bringing it with me whenever having a takeaway coffee, they also come in a variety of colours and at least 2 sizes from memory. Great for the coffee drinker in the office or family. The tempered glass also makes it super easy to keep clean.

Also available at independent boutiques and homewares stores.

FACE HALO – Original ‘White’, Pro ‘Black’ $30AUD:

Face Halo’s have become such a staple in my skincare routine, especially when wearing makeup. The perfect simple gift for someone who loves skincare, maybe who travels often or even someone who has lash extensions as they make removing makeup with lash extensions infinitely easier! Really recommend having a packet of these in the cupboard, makes cleansing so much easier and far less waste full.

NATIO – Banjo Men’s Skincare Set $34.95AUD:

Another great Holiday gift set from Natio, easily available at Myer Australia wide, making it super easy to pick up last minute. This set has a great range containing four products, and comes with a good sized travel bag making it easy to bring the products and a couple more travelling wether it be for work or a holiday.

PALM BEACH COLLECTION – Winter Pine Scented Soy Candle LE 420G $39.95AUD:

This was the gorgeous traditional Holiday themed scent from Palm Beach Collection that I was dicussing above. I love how warm this smells, and reminds me of the white Christmas I’ve had before. I love the long burn time on these candles, and how they manage to fill the room without being obnoxiously overpowering.


While this candle isn’t a holiday specific release, it is limited edition, and smells truly incredible. I have had so many different candles, and this has to be top 5. It smells beachy and sweet without being sickly sweet or smelling cheap as some sweet candles do. It’s the regular Palm Beach Collection size, and has a beautiful Seafolly inspired artwork on the front of the candle. – exclusive to Myer.

HANDSOME SKINCARE – Men’s Grooming 3 Pack $39.99AUD:

Another great Men’s based skincare pack, with some really slick packaging in my opinion. I love the simplicity of Handsome Skincare, and their products. After having both my Father and Boyfriend ask me for advice regarding their skincare, I’ve found that keeping it simple has been the easiest way to encourage them both to use skincare. I love the combination of natural ingredients with the really classic packaging, and this would be perfect for the appearance conscious young male.


Real Techniques make my favourite affordable brushes as I’m sure many of you already know. They’ve done some really cute affordable brush sets for this Holiday season, and have included new brushes exclusive to these sets, and some classics that are already well loved. They also have limited edition packaging, making it the perfect Holiday gift.  

Available from Priceline, unable to find online.

MODELS PREFER – Classic Brush Collection $49.99AUD:

This set from Models Prefer has really blown me away, and I have been so impressed by the quality and softness of their brushes. This set is fantastic value and contains 8, really useful brushes that I think would make a great addition to an already established makeup collection or even be a great starting point for anyone just beginning in makeup.




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