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FAVOURITES: January ’19.

January has actually been one of my personal busiest months on record. I’ve been working at my Part Time retail job three days a week, as well as working an internship for three days a week as well. This has given me one day off a week for two months now, and ya girl is tired! So I have been keeping my routine pretty simply overall, and really honing in on the products that I love.

However, I am really looking forward to the gap in between finishing my internship at the end of January and University going back at the end of February. There is lots of content to be made, and it will give me lots of time to try out products and review them!


Beauty Blender – ‘Joy’:

Beauty Blender’s are such a classic, but I had honestly forgotten about them for a while after being so obsessed with using kabuki brushes and then my Real Techniques sponge. However, when I saw a set that included two Beauty Blender’s and small solid cleansers, I knew I had to pick it up, and I’ve fallen back in love. I love using it for foundation, cream bronzer, cream highlighter and for applying loose powder to my face. The yellow colour is also so cute when applying makeup in the morning.


Shiseido – Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate:

This serum is super luxe, and sits beautifully under any other serum or a moisturiser. I’ve found that my skin texture feels much less textured, and has really been helping with my skin absorbing any skincare applied over the top. It’s quite a unique product, but it does remind me a lot of the Lancome Advanced Genifique concentrate.


Keune – Press Wax Spray:

Since cutting my hair shorter, I’ve been all about adding texture and a little extra bounce because it’s a lot easier now that it’s shorter. I love the feel of this in the and how versatile it can be. The spray can a be a strong hold when sprayed more concentrated or can be more diffused if sprayed from further away or brushed through. Also, I love spraying this on my hands and then running my palms down my hair to prevent frizz.


Bondi Sands – Liquid Gold:

I have written about my love for this tan so many times, but every time I use it I remember why I love it so much. The colour develops so beautifully, without transferring all over clothing or furniture. This isn’t sticky or intensely scented, so two major plusses for me, it also leaves the skin with a really nautral tan.


Jimmy Choo – Fever Fragrance:

I’m really rubbish at describing scents, so I’ve included the notes I found on the internet below, so if they’re wrong, I’m very sorry. I love the balance between the sweet fruit scents and the sandalwood and tonka bean base notes create a beautiful transition between daytime to evening style scents. The bottle also makes a lovely display.

Top Notes: Black Plum, Litchee, Grapefruit.

Heart: Heliotrope.

Base Notes: Benzoin, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean.

Thank you for reading and please do let me know of any favourites you’ve been loving over January. I can’t wait to have some more time to myself, and actually get to experience a bit of ‘holidays’ that so many people had over the December – January period! Please do let me know if there are any posts that you really want to see coming up, because I will be doing some bulk scheduling coming up.


    1. Have definitely been enjoying some more relaxing time now, this year is already flying by. It’s the cutest yellow shade, thank you for reading Laura x

    1. Love Shiseido skincare, but defintely on the more expensive spectrum of skincare. Thank you for reading x

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