BEAUTY: Chloe Morello X Benefit Australia ‘Brow Wardrobe’.


Price: $89AUD (individual cost $224AUD).


  • Precisely My Brow RRP $43AUD (Full Size)
  • Gimme Brow RRP $42AUD (Full Size)
  • Foolproof Brow Powder RRP $43AUD (Full Size)
  • High Brow Glow Pencil RRP $38AUD (Full Size)
  • Ka Brow RRP $23AUD (Mini Size)
  • Brow Blender

Availability: Sephora, Myer, AdoreBeauty & Princess Polly.


I have been wanting to try Benefit brow products since they launched years ago, but with such a plethora of products in my collection, I couldn’t really justify spending more money on the brow products.

The packaging of the kit is really gorgeous as well, and has a lovely large mirror, which makes travelling with the entire kit really easy.

However, seeing this brow wardrobe it was a far more affordable way to try a variety of Benefit brow products from their range. Luckily for me, I have a very similar hair colour to Chloe Morello, which meant that the brow products suited my complexion and brow shades.

There is a nice variety of products in the kit and there can definitely be a very natural fluffy brow created or even up to a more dramatic carved out brow can be created as well. I think the variety of products in the kit is the real selling point, and enjoy that they are all full sized, except for the Ka Brow.


  • More affordable way to trial Benefit brow products.
  • Variety of product styles.


  • One shade availability (3,3.5&4) in the kit.
  • Only available in Australia.


I’ve really been enjoying the brow products from this Chloe Morello Brow Wardrobe, I’ve been loving the ‘Gimme Brow’, ‘Precisely My Brow’ and surprisingly the ‘High Brow’ which I wasn’t expecting to love as much as I have been.

The shades from the kit have all been working really nicely for me, but by far my main criticism is that they only released the kit in one shade, rather than doing an individual kit for each brow shade in the Benefit brow range. However, luckily it works for me, and I would guess that the 3-4 shade range would be their most popular so could be a part of the thought process behind only releasing one shade variety.

If the shades do match you, then I think they are a really lovely way to try out Benefit brow products in a much more affordable way than usual.

If you use Benefit brow products please let me know what is your favourite, or if you’ve picked up the Chloe Morello Brow Wardrobe let me know your thoughts on it. As always thank you for reading!


    1. I defintely think if the shades work then it’s worth it, but would be a total waste if the shades are too light or dark. Thank you for reading x

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