BEAUTY: Illuminating Foundation Mix In’s.

Mixing in illuminating drops and liquids are my favourite way to add an overall healthy glow and brighter appearance to the skin. I love mixing them in with my foundation as it creates an overall glowy look, rather than focusing on one or two areas, which I do with more targeted and often more intensely illuminating products.

I personally powder my face after applying foundation, concealer and any other cream or liquid products. This helps to lessen the intensity of the illuminating products that I mix into my foundation, they could also be used on the high points of the cheek bones or down the bridge of the nose if you’re feeling a little hesitant to mixing it into foundation.

BURBERRY – Nude Radiance ‘No.1’ ‘Fresh Glow’:

This is the most expensive of all mentioned and has a really subtle glow to it without being glittery or shimmery, but just a very natural ‘glow from within’ style appearance. The packaging is gorgeous, and it also has a pump which makes applying the desired amount a little bit easier than a squeezy tube. I love the champagne shade as it is flattering to a majority of skin tones as it isn’t excessively gold or white based so won’t appear ashy or chalky on deeper skin tones, but potentially may be a little light for people past the medium skin tone.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA – Mineral Therapy ‘Angel Blush’:

This is the cheapest of the bunch, and honestly one of my favourites. It is available in two shades, but sadly not available online. The ‘Angel Blush’ shade is a rose gold style shade that I think would suit all skin tones, aside from the incredibly pale, but luckily their other shade in the range is more of a light pearl shade so would be more complimentary of lighter skin tones.

AUSTRALIS – High Lights ‘Pearl’:

A really lovely more affordable alternative to other illuminating mixers, with a slightly pinkier shift that the rest mentioned. I also really love that it has a pump which makes it far easier to dispense the product in smaller increments.

L’OREAL – Glow Mon Amour ‘Sparkling Love’:

Another affordable of the mentioned illuminating products and this one is a lovely dropper formula with a true champagne shade. It does have a light shimmer to the skin, which can be a little less subtle than the others, but makes it perfect for a more glamorous makeup look. The shade would be perfect for very fair skin tones but probably would not suit anyone darker than a light-medium skin tone.

COVER FX – Custom Enhancing Drops ‘Moonlight’:

I’ve left the best for last because this is the product that made me fall in love with the illuminating foundation mix in products. I love the intensity of these without being glittery or even appearing shimmery. I really don’t understand how they make it appear so luminous but so naturally illuminated. There is a really beautiful shade range to this product as well which makes it accessible to more people with a variety of skin tones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and please let me know if you have any illuminating products that you’ve been loving. I’ve been obsessed with cream and liquid products and find that they have such a beautiful natural appearance on the skin whilst still providing beautiful illumination. As always thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any thoughts on these products good or bad!

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