SKINCARE: Shiseido Internal Power Resist.


Available: David Jones & Myer.

Pricing: $68AUD – $100AUD.

Claims: ‘Powerful synergy. A defensive trio working together in harmony. Made for stronger, smoother, more resilient skin. Shiseido Cleansers and Softeners with new InternalPowerResist create a supportive environment for Skin Defence Ability. Skin’s protective barrier function performs at a high level. For clear, hydrated, untroubled skin.’

The range was released in September last year in Australia.

Five new products the range, with three new cleansers and two new softeners, as well as their Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate which is already available.

I have three products from the Shiseido Internal Power Resist range: Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate [$70AUD,$100AUD or $130AUD], Clarifying Cleansing Foam $68AUD & Treatment Softener Enriched $80AUD.


Shiseido Skincare has become somewhat of a luxury obsession of mine, after previously using a small portion of their skincare, I’ve been drawn so far into loving Shiseido skincare. Shiseido skincare is an investment, it definitely falls into the luxury skincare realm, and is a product that I would recommend looking further into before purchasing.

I hadn’t heard much about their newer Internal Power Resist range so I was very excited to try the products when I was kindly gifted them. I have used all three regularly for a month, found that aside from the Clarifying Cleansing Gel that I don’t really have any comparable products to both the Treatment Softener Enriched & Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate.

I thoroughly enjoy the unique nature of this range from Shiseido and think they have a relatively small niche within the skincare community.

Clarifying Cleansing Gel:

Gel cleansers are my personal favourite style, and this is a lovely way to remove makeup or even just daily pollutants even when not wearing makeup. It’s gentle on the skin, and is not drying, but is still effective in removing makeup and general cleansing of the skin.

Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate:

As Shiseido’s #1 serum, I had the highest expectations from this product and was thrilled when using it. It absorbs beautifully into the skin, and I apply it after cleansing, toner, essence or treatment softener. It dries onto the skin in a hydrating milky feel on the skin, and along with the other three products in the range, my skin appears brighter and ‘healthier’ than when not using the products. I find that I can also apply this serum alongside with other serums and it co absorbs with other products well, making it easy to layer skincare.

Treatment Softener Enriched:

I have been using this as an essence style product, so after toner and before serum, applying a couple of pumps of it on a cotton round and pressing it into the face. I have found a really noticeable difference in the overall softness and texture of my skin when using this product. My skin looks far brighter and less dull when using this in my skincare routine.


As someone with ‘reactive’ skin and my main skin concern being rosacea, this skincare line is very much related to my skin concerns and overall what I would like to achieve with my skin. The three products work beautifully in unison and also work well with other products making for beautiful layer of skincare.

If I had to leave one product from the range it would be the Clarifying Cleansing Gel, as the Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate and Treatment Softener Enriched are both unique products to my collection and have been highly impressed by the two.

Please let me know if you have used any products from the Shiseido skincare range, or even anything from the Internal Power Resist. As always thank you for reading!

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