BODY: Tan Erasers.

As someone who loves applying a fresh coat of self-tan, but doesn’t love consistently applying moisturiser, I need a little help making sure that my skin is fresh before applying a new layer of self-tan.

Tan erasers have only recently entered the market and I love the combination of using both a tan eraser, leaving it on for roughly 10 minutes, and then using an exfoliating mitt to help remove the top layer of self-tan, the tan eraser and also any dead skin.

While I do love this category of product, I have only used two of these style products, but have been loving both. They are both affordable as well, which makes it the perfect addition to anyone’s body skincare regime.

I haven’t written separately about either of these, because I really don’t find there to be any difference between both products since using them both. Both are a white coloured foam that goes transparent on the body, and then becomes the colour of the tan being removed once applied all over the body. I personally recommend leaving them on for 10 minutes roughly, rather than the 5 that each recommends. After using the tan eraser, jump in the shower or bath and use an exfoliating mitt or gloves that are also easily affordable and accessible.


The Bondi Sands Tan Eraser has also been launched in a smaller travel size, which makes it perfect for travelling with, as well as their usual large size for at home.


I have found that both tan erasers have made it so much easier to ensure that my self-tan looks fresher for longer, and helps me avoid appearing patchy or excessively dry. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and please let me know if there are any other tan erasers that you’ve used and loved.

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