LIFESTYLE: My Reading List.

Reading has been one of my little New Year, 2019 goals. I have never been a big reader, but it’s something that I previously enjoyed when I found ‘the right book’. Personally, I much prefer biographies, true crime, and books with at very least an aspect of non fiction to them. I don’t personally enjoy much fiction, and really despise Sci-Fi, fantasy, etc.

So I’ve collated a few of the books that I’m planning on reading, in hope of giving some of you some ideas of books to read, maybe the inspiration to read a book thats been lying around the house or even just let me know if you’ve read any of the books below!

ABLE – Dylan Alcott:

Dylan Alcott for those who are not familiar is a multi sport, multi medal Paralympian who is also a multiple time Australian Open wheelchair champion. He has an infectious spirit, positive attitude and a very classic Australian sense of humour.

WE ARE DISPLACED – Malala Yosafzai:

One of the most inspirational young women who has faced more adversity in her young life than most have in their entire lives and has gone on to achieve so much, whilst consistently encouraging and empowering others. A really inspirational person that I’ve always admired.


Busy Phillips is such a multi talented actress and has a beautiful sense of humour that I really enjoy. Having seen multi interviews with Ms Phillips, and appreciating how well spoken she is, I think the book will be beautifully written.


Celeste Barber is such a girl crush of mine, and also based on the Central Coast of NSW as well which makes it even sweeter to me. I love her self deprecating sense of humour and ability to make others laugh. Her Instagram is huge and has created such a fabulous dialogue around not taking yourself too seriously.


The horrors of the Holocaust have been well documented and have created some really incredible films and books ‘The Book Thief’, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjama’s’ & ‘Schindlers List’. I have heard really fantastic things about this book, and love reading books that have a substantial meaning.

MY MOTHER, A SERIAL KILLER – Hazel Baron & Janet Fife-Yeomans:

I love true crime, and thought that this book looked really interesting and enjoyable. Written from a first person perspective of the daughter of a serial killer, I thought it would be an enjoyable read.

DARING & DISRUPTIVE – Lisa Messenger:

Lisa Messenger discusses how to be a successful entrepreneur and just generally tips on how to get through life with a bit of humour and hustle. Encourages personal and professional success.

BECOMING – Michelle Obama:

The former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama is truly an inspirational figure to Women and people everywhere. After carrying herself through her husband Barrack’s two terms with nothing but grace and diplomatic excellence I am really excited to dig into this story which begins from Mrs Obama’s humble beginnings in South Side Chicago.

BOY ERASED – Garrard Conley:

This book is written from a personal experience of the author having being sent to a gay conversion camp by his ultra religious Baptist pastor father. The book has since become a highly successful film, which I’m yet to see. One that I’m very excited to dig into, despite being such a distressful topic. Definitely a trigger warning necessary for some readers.


I love biographies and true stories which is probably obvious from all the books discussed above. As one of the all time best female Basketball players, and an Australian Olympian, I’m looking forward to reading about Lauren Jacksons story of determination and hard work which resulted in her incredible success in basketball.

I hope this gave you some ideas of potential books to read, or maybe even just remind you to read any book you’ve been looking forward to. Also please do let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought of them! As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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