BODY: Current Favourite Tans.

As someone with a pale complexion, and constantly attempting to avoid sun damage, whilst wanting to appear as if I have a sun kissed glow. I don’t like going exceptionally dark, but mainly just try to remove the redness from my skin, and add a little bit of a ‘just got home from a holiday’ look.

So i’ve got the four tan’s that i’ve been using most often collated down below. I love all four, and three out of the four are a foam consistency which makes them easy to apply, blend and minimal stress to maintain.

As always I do recommend regularly moisturising your bodies skin, but lets be real, me moisturising my skin is few and far between, so I try and use products that are slightly more hydrating than not.


This is my personal favourite for a while now, and I honestly think this is the most natural appearing tan. I also find that this tan lasts the longest on me. I apply it on the skin before bed, and then sleep in it and shower either that morning or later that evening depending on what I’m up to. Another favourite aspect is that it doesn’t transfer as much as the average tan.


1 Hour Express has been a long time favourite of mine, and is the perfect foam when I’m running late or short of time. It has a relatively dark colour, minimal scent and minimal transfer to it. I do personally leave it on longer than 1 hour, but 1 hour can be used as the minimum time to be left on the skin without a shower.


As someone who hates moisturising my body, out of pure laziness and nothing else, this is the perfect an when I’m feeling dry and lazy. Le Tan Uber Dark range has been a favourite of mine for around a year now, and this Marula Oil variety is probably my favourite because it is infused with Marula oil making it a little more hydrating than the average tan.


Mine Tan has a huge variety and I’ve been lucky enough to try out quite a few of their tans, and this has been my favourite for a while. I love the depth of the colour of this tan, and it is probably the deepest of all mentioned in this post. It has a really sun-kissed, bronze look to it, with a very ‘tropical holiday’ look it. A seriously underrated tan!

Thank you for reading, and please do let me know if you have any at home tan’s that you really love and recommend.

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