SKINCARE: Lightweight Moisturisers.

Moisturisers are a necessary step in everyone’s skincare routine, and hydration is my biggest focus personally. However, for a long time I struggled to get moisturiser into my morning routine, and then found myself slathering on kilos of an evening because I knew that I had missed my morning dose.

Since delving into more lightweight moisturisers, many of which have gel formulas, I have found it much easier to apply them quickly in the morning as they do absorb much faster into the skin in comparison with classic cream style moisturisers.

So, I’ve collated my favourite lightweight feeling moisturisers that I find easy to apply a light layer of in the morning to help hydrate the skin, which dramatically approves the appearance of my makeup. There is a variety of price points in this post as I do try to accommodate different budgets, and have found that the affordable market has a lot to offer in regards to lightweight feel moisturisers.

NEUTROGENA – Hydro Boost $24.99AUD:

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost range has to be one of my favourites from the affordable market, and continues to blow me away whenever I see the price point. I have loved this moisturiser for years, and find that it hydrates my skin nicely and absorbs into the skin quickly, making it perfect for applying under makeup in the morning. I personally prefer the original ‘gel-cream’ to their evening version, but think that the entire Hydro Boost range is fabulous.

OLAY – Luminous Whip $48.99AUD:

This is my newest favourite of the 4 moisturisers I really enjoy the unique texture of this product, it’s definitely ‘whipped’ in it’s texture. It feels very fluffy in comparison to the density of the other gel products, but also feels very intensely hydrating. There are two more ‘whip’ moisturisers in the Olay range, being their classic ‘Total Effects’ and ‘Regenerist’. I really think this is the perfect moisturiser for under makeup.

PHILOSOPHY – Take a Deep Breath Night $60AUD:

Another moisturiser with a really unique feel to it, this is definitely as described as a ‘gel balm’ with a first having a solid appearance and feel, and then quickly becomes a gel texture when moved in the finger tips. I do notice an overall increase in radiance in my skin and general brightness improves when I use this over a prolonged period. Having been through multiple tubs of this I love using it on hot nights when I really don’t feel like applying moisturiser.

MURAD – Nutrient Charged Water Gel $95AUD:

Murad skincare has always fascinated me and had a price point that made me a little curious. However, since using their products I have realised that the ingredients used in the products make the price point feel much more understandable. I can’t remember the last time I raced through a moisturiser like this one, I found myself reaching for it every night, and became obsessed with the texture that feels like water. My boyfriend even starting requesting ‘the one that feels like water’ when I asked him if he needed any moisturiser of a night time.

I hope this post has helped with some suggestions of moisturisers that are easy to apply quickly in the morning before makeup, or even just as a lightweight feeling moisturiser if you have been looking for an alternative to the classic cream formuala.

Thank you for reading as always and please do let me know if you have any favourite moisturisers currently, wether they be gel or cream based, as there have been a couple of cream based moisturisers I’ve been loving lately.

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