SKINCARE: What I’m Loving.

While I love beauty and makeup, skincare is such an important part of my routine, it affects the way every layer of makeup goes on top and can improve the look of base makeup.

Finding new skincare pieces is always exciting, but considering there is so much skincare on the consumer market, I completely understand how overwhelming it can be.

So I’ve put together some of the skincare products that I’ve been loving recently as I do tend to rotate through what I’m using quite often and get a lot of Instagram DM’s regarding skincare recommendations.

To preface my current favourite skincare products, my skin type and concerns are normal skin with dehydration as my main concern which has created rough texture on my lower cheek/chin area. I also have rosacea which is severe redness due to enlarged capillaries, this means that while my skin is not sensitive in regards to being prone to breakouts, but is reactive as my skin can become red very easily.

Medik 8 – Hyrd8 B5 Intense Serum:

My main focus as I discussed is based around hydration. I find that nothing has ever made my skin look or feel better than when it’s feeling super hydrated. I love hyaluronic acid in my skincare, for it’s hydrating properties and it doesn’t cause my skin to become reactive. I love how lightweight and hydrating this serum is on my skin, which is the perfect balance.

Cosmedix – Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil:

Cleansing oils are some of my favourite ways to cleanse my skin, whilst not stripping the skin of it’s natural hydration and natural oils. I do use this as the first step of my double or triple cleansing routine. I love how well this oil emulsifies on the skin and when my skin is damp massaging this into my skin for around 60 seconds helps to remove makeup, and leave my skin feeling hydrated.

Ole Hendriksen – Glow Cycle Retin-Alt Power Serum:

Having seen so much about this range since it’s launch, I was so excited to try this ‘Retin-Alt’ range when it arrived in the mail. I cannot believe the glow I wake up with in the morning when using the serum and sleeping creme in conjunction my skin looks incredibly moisturised and has really helped with improving my skin texture.

Ole Hendriksen – Good Night Glow Retin-Alt Sleeping Creme:

As I said above, I’ve been obsessed with this this ‘Retin-Alt’ combination, obsessed with the combination, and is perfect to add a really beautiful glow to my complexion. Pleasantly surprised with how much this has improved my skin texture on my chin, whilst also adding a glow!

Olay – Luminous Whip:

Having never used Olay skincare previously, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, however I’ve been so thoroughly impressed by this moisturiser under my makeup in the morning. It has helped enhance any natural glow and has contributed to my makeup looking far nicer on the skin for longer, has also helped make my skin look less dull.

Clinique – Take Off The Day Balm:

I’ve been using this balm for a while now, and had enjoyed it previously, but I really fell in love with this when I learned how to use it more effectively. I find that when I wet my face thoroughly before using the balm and when I massage the balm into my skin for around 60 seconds, it removes every remnant of makeup and I can’t believe how incredible it makes my skin feel!

Dr Jart+ – Water Fuse Hydro Toner:

While I do love a pore minimising primer, I have been loving this hydrating toner to help add an extra layer of hydration, especially when my skin is looking dry and dehydrated. Whilst it is a super light feeling toner, I do find that this adds a beautiful extra layer of hydration to my skin.

Shiseido – Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate:

Shiseido skincare is one of my guilty pleasures in regards to luxury skincare, it all feels ultra luxe and has all been a really beautiful addition to my skincare routines. I love using this to help enhance hydration in my skin, and find that it layers really well with other skincare products and serums especially.

Dermalogica – Ultra Calming Mist:

Having reactive skin means that even just washing my face can result in my entire face looking bright red, so I try to ensure that I look after it the majority of the time and attempt to calm my rosacea. So I try to do anything that will help minimise the appearance of redness, and this is one of my favourite products. I love the spritz formula and really enjoying being able to reapply when I’m not wearing makeup continuously.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve found this post useful, please let me know what skincare products you’ve been loving lately!


  1. The Clinique Balm is so good. I didn’t know to try using it with a wet face first. That’s such a good idea! I’ve also been eyeing off that Ole Henriksen Retin-Alt set for a while. Good to know that you like it!


    1. Have been loving cleansing balms in general, but I think the Clinique is my favourite! I was very impressed after seeing so many people raving about the Ole Hendriksen range I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for reading x

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