BEAUTY: Favourite Nude Lip Products.

Nude lips are my vibe, they fit every look ever and I always feel comfortable wearing them. I was once much more exciting with my lip colour choices, but honestly now I’m just all about 50 shades of nudes. So I’m collating my current favourite nude lip shades that have been on firm rotation lately.

Bare Minerals – ‘Groovy’:

I had previously owned ‘Totally’ from Bare Minerals, but the little fairy that steals my nude lip glosses has taken that one from me. When I went back to Mecca to pick up ‘Totally’ I found ‘Groovy’ and was so impressed that I thought I would prefer that shade. I’ve been loving this shade as a very light pink shade, with only a touch of brown. It is a really creamy formula with a pleasant vanilla scent to it which I adore as well.

Nudestix – ‘Pixi’:

This is the perfect, slap on your lips and get going kind of shade. It’s creamy enough that it always looks flattering on the lips, but matte enough that it doesn’t slip off the lips quickly, and lasts nicely through out eating, drinking and general day wear. I love the slightly cool tone to this shade, and it wears so comfortably over time that it is one of my go to shades.

Maybelline – ‘Loyalist 05’:

If I need a long wearing ‘going no where’ kind of nude shade, then this is what I reach for. It’s a liquid lipstick with a distinctly matte finish, but is really comfortable on the lips to wear, and doesn’t slip when eating or drinking. They have a variety of shades and are a lovely affordable options.

Bobbi Brown – ‘Lychee Baby’:

The new ‘Crushed Liquid Lip Colours’ are very new to Bobbi Brown’s range, and are all really wearable shades that have enough in the range to suit a variety of shade ranges. I thought from the names that it was going to be a matte, but I should have known better than to doubt Bobbi Brown makeup. I love how comfortable these are, they are pigmented but more of a glossy liquid lip that what I would expect from the name. They are slightly more unique than the average gloss, so I really recommend giving them a swatch if you have an opportunity.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you may have a bit more inspiration for the next time you need to pick up a nude lip colour. Let me know if you have a favourite nude lip that you’ve been loving lately!


    1. Always hunting the ‘perfect’ nude, which just means buying too many! Thank you for reading x

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