HAUL: New To Priceline.

Priceline is constantly launching new products into their expansive ranges, and that’s why I love them as a brand! There are so many new products coming to Priceline that I can’t wait to use more, and even Makeup Revolution is launching soon.

I was lucky enough to attend the recent biannual Priceline Beauty Prescription Live which is a showcase of the upcoming products and brands launching into stores and the online website as well. I love being able to talk through with the brands, and better understand the design and intentions of their products.

I’ve listed some of the products that I’m most excited about below, some of which I’ve used, and others I haven’t really had a chance to use much of yet but think they’re perfect additions to the already very well stocked shelves of Priceline.

CREMORLAB – Mineral Treatment Essence:

Skincare essences are something I’ve been loving as they add another layer of hydration to the skin and help improve my dehydrated texture. However, I’ve struggled to find affordable alternative’s to my SKII favourite and the Shu Uemura which I love as well. So glad that Cremorlab is in Priceline now as it’s an affordable brand making essence’s readily available.

BEAUTY BITES – White Choc Raspberry:

These are little snacks that contain collagen as well as other health benefits, and taste bloody delicious! Obsessed with this flavour more than the cinnamon apple, but both were pretty tasty. Perfect little healthy alternative snack!

AUS MEDIC CO – Intensive Peptide Face Lift Serum:

This luxe but simple skincare brand has just launched and I believe is exclusive to Priceline. It’s all focused around intensive peptides to deliver genuine skincare results. They only have 6 pieces to their range, and number them making it super easy to understand how to use the skincare most effectively. Really want to try out their face mist!

THE BALM – Meet Matt(e) Ador:

I’ve loved the Meet Matt palettes from The Balm, but this is by far my favourite colour series. Such a great building palette that can create any look with every matte shade you would need.

FEATHER & DOWN – Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray:

Already obsessed with this! My boyfriend and I spray this on our pillows every night and already loving how calming and relaxing this is to be used as a pillow spray nightly as a part of a lovely evening ritual. Need to pick up a bigger size of this spray because I’m loving it.

JSHEALTH – Sugar + Metabolism:

These are designed to help curb sugar cravings and maintain a healthy metabolism, please don’t confuse them for an appetite suppressant as that’s not what it’s designed for. Can’t wait to use them as I am someone who consumes much more sugar than I really should, using it as a way to stay awake when I’m feeling low energy.

BONDI SANDS – Coconut & Sea Salt Scrub:

I love body scrubs and this one is infused with oil as well as coconut & sea salt but designed not to disrupt any self tanning, what a clever idea from one of the biggest tanning brands in the world that just seems to get bigger and bigger. Need to try out the new Aero!

NEUTROGENA – Hydrating Cleansing Oil:

As a lover of cleansing oils and oils in general, I am so glad to see that more affordable skincare brands are launching into cleansing oils. I love using them as the first step of my cleansing routine to remove the top layer of makeup and then using a gel or cream style cleanser to remove the rest of my makeup.

THE BASE COLLECTIVE – Magnesium & Lavender Sleep Spray:

Another evening gem that’s perfect after a workout or even a stressful day. I apply this to bottoms of my feet, on my stomach or any sore areas from training and find that I don’t wake up as sore, and the new lavender addition to their magnesium spray is, even more, relaxing and calming.

COVERGIRL – Outlast Active Setting Spray:

Currently I’m obsessed with setting sprays and find that they really help to increase the longevity of my makeup. This one is a perfect addition to the affordable market as it’s based on increasing the longevity of makeup, something I think most people want to improve on.


The Quick Flick is genius, and I was definitely someone who though it was a gimmick previously. I love that they launched the ‘to the point’ as it’s a little bit slimmer and more ‘daytime’ appropriate for people who like a slightly more modest look.

Please let me know if there’s anything you want more details about or something you’re really curious about.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the newer launches coming to Priceline!

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