FASHION: Midi Skirts.

Midi skirts are so popular right now, and I think rightly so. They’re a very flattering option for a variety of body shapes and can be incredibly versatile.

Worn with a plain or graphic tee, they can be very casual or a pair of heels and a cami and it’s a very easy way to make a simple outfit sophisticated.

I’ve been loving a variety of midi skirts and can’t wait to have them on high rotation throughout the upcoming cooler months in Australia. They are also so widely available so there’s plenty of options for every price point.

My only criticism is depending on the material, they can be very prone to creasing and need a good iron before every wear.


  • SWEATER: Zara.
  • BAG: Naked Vice.
  • SKIRT: Sportsgirl – linked below.
  • SHOES: Tony Bianco.

The black midi skirt is the first place I would start personally. They are so versatile, can be worn with a tee, cami, sweater, long sleeve. Almost everything goes with this simple black midi and has become such a staple in my wardrobe. Perfect if you work in an office and want something that can be used on the weekend as well.


  • SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia ‘Don’t @ Me’.
  • NECKLACE: GMS Silver ‘St Christopher’.
  • TOP: Zara.
  • SKIRT: Sportsgirl. – exact colour not currently available online.

As someone who has a very monochromatic wardrobe, this has been a great way to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe. Love this slightly metallic purple shade and have found myself loving it paired with a white, black or grey tee.


  • SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia ‘Don’t @ Me’.
  • CROPEED TEE: General Pants ‘Basics’ range.
  • SKIRT: Cotton On.
  • SHOES: Tony Bianco. – exact print no longer available. – exact print no longer available.

Navy and spots, two things I normally avoid, but after seeing this skirt I just loved it. I find this the hardest to match because despite being simple, it’s a little out of my comfort zone honestly. Loving it with this khaki green, great suggestion from my bestie!


  • NECKLACE: GMS Silver ‘St Christopher’.
  • SWEATER: Zara.
  • WALLET: Stitch & Hide.
  • SKIRT: Witchery.
  • LOAFERS: Windsor Smith ‘Dree’. – exact colour sold out online.

This metallic silver from Witchery is a favourite of mine, and probably one of my favourite wardrobe pieces. However, this is definitely the most prone to creasing so I don’t adore the material as much as I do the cut and colour. If you have any tips of prevent creasing, please let a gal know!

There’s such a variety of the market currently and I love that there’s so many to choose from. I’ve been seeing a lot of really cute prints which have been tempting me to expand my collection of midi skirts even more.

Topshop, Sportsgirl, ASOS & Cotton On all have some really fabulous options and are all relatively wallet friendly. A trend that I’m really enjoying this past 6 months or so. As always thank you for reading, and let me know if you enjoy a little sprinkle of fashion content because it’s something that I do really enjoy creating!

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