BEAUTY: Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation.




30ML/1FL OZ. Pump with frosted Glass, with dish style back to squeeze the foundation onto before applying with a Beauty Blender.


40 shades, 3 undertones.


Sephora, Beauty, Cult Beauty.


‘A weightless, liquid whip foundation with a multidimensional, velveteen-matte finish that wears for up to 24 hours.’


I have 1.3 & 1.5 – 1.5 is more suitable to my skin tone a majority of the time, 1.3 could be perfect for a Winter shade. One or two shades darker than 1.5 would be ideal but nothing a bit of cream bronzer can’t correct.


The original Beauty Blender which I’ve been using to apply this foundation, and is iconic for blending foundation and a longtime favourite of mine. Highly recommend even if you’re not planning on purchasing the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation.

The new ‘Re-Dew’ set and refresh spray.

Really enjoying the spray, it’s such a fine mist so no water spots and applies evenly all over the face. I can’t really compare the longevity of this spray as I haven’t used it in intense heat or really testing days, but have found that helps make my face look less powdery.


Definitely best to be used in conjunction with the Beauty Blender sponge to blend the foundation as this was their intention in the creation and also works perfectly with the innovative packaging design.

I’ve really been enjoying the formula of this as it’s a lightweight, velvet matte finish that appears very natural and skin like. This makes it easy to manipulate the formula to make it dewy with the primer, cream products and setting products. This would be easy to not set on the skin if you prefer not using a setting powder.

I enjoy wearing it with moisturiser, primer and an illuminating cream product to add some glow to the skin. I’ve found that cream and powder products interact well with the skin, and don’t disrupt the foundation even without being set with a powder.

While they have a 40 shade range now, I don’t love that they initially didn’t launch the full range, it leaves a sense of ‘afterthought’ to the darker shades they added later. I wish they had just launched with a 40 shade range initially and I think a lot of people would have a better impression of the foundation. Hopefully they continue to launch more shades in the future and help make the range even more inclusive as I see there is still far more fair/light/medium foundation shades than those in the dark/deep shade range.


  • Innovative packaging.
  • Moderate shade range.
  • Large Light/Medium shade range.
  • Lightweight with medium buildable coverage.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • Velvet Matte finish that’s easily transformed with the right primer/setting spray/setting powder/cream products.
  • Doesn’t oxidise.


  • Not many deep/dark shades.
  • Only originally launched with 32 shades, but has now been expanded to 40.
  • An afterthought feeling of waiting to launch shades in the darker categories.


I’ve really been enjoying this foundation and found that it looked virtually the same at the beginning of the day and as it did at the end. I didn’t become shiny anywhere except a tiny bit on my nose, and after 12 hours of wear and no touch-ups, I was very impressed.

Obviously, it is recommended to be used with a Beauty Blender but if you prefer higher coverage with less application then using a brush will deliver more coverage. I personally love using a Beauty Blender as it creates a more skin like appearance and helps move the foundation on the skin without streaks.

Overall, really enjoying this foundation and I think it’s perfect if you want a beautiful medium buildable coverage foundation that lasts all day. It’s definitely going to be staying close by in my expansive foundation collection and for $60AUD I would say pricing is pretty standard for Sephora & Mecca Maxima price points.


  1. I picked up this foundation a few months back and I was shocked to discover just how much I loved it myself. I have shade 2.40, which is a great match for me,

    Emily –

    1. It’s definitely surprised me a bit considering how much I’ve been enjoying it! Glad you found your perfect shade, so important being able to find the right shade. Thank you for reading x

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