BEAUTY: Favourite Cream Products.

Cream products are my favourites, I was always a powder girl, and now I know how wrong I truly was. Cream products add such a beautiful luminous look to the skin and more more dimension than powder products can offer. I really truly recommend looking into cream products even underneath your powder regime as they can offer so much to a look.

I’ve collated below my favourite cream products that are all in individual pieces, so there’s no waste from large palettes when only a fraction of the shades are used. I’ve tried to include a mixture of affordable and more high end style products, but honestly in my opinion, there isn’t the same cream variety in the affordable market or quality.

NUDESTIX – Nudies Matte ‘Bondi Bae’:

This is a more cool toned brown with some warmth in it, which doesn’t translate to a true contour shade, but more of an all over bronzer which is super easy to throw on the face and give a really natural bronzed appearance. This lasts all day which I adore, and blends so seamlessly, even when slightly heavy handed it looks natural. An everyday essential for me.

NUDESTIX – Nudies Matte ‘Sunkissed’:

This is one product I can confidently say is totally unique to my collection. The colour is such a warm terracotta red that I normally would steer clear, but I couldn’t help myself but pick this one up. It’s technically a blush, but I love applying this lightly where I applied my bronzer and then also using it as a blush. The perfect summer glow.

NUDESTIX – Nudies Glow ‘Hey Honey’:

Nobody does ‘glow’ in cream form quite like Nudestix. I love the iridescent look of this golden based highlight, it doesn’t have a strong colour to it, but has such a beautiful glow without leaving a stripe on the face. Can be used sparingly for a natural glow from within or really built up for a more glam look.

Fenty Beauty – MatchStix Matte ‘Mocha’:

A slightly divisive product as a lot of people find these too dry, I personally have no issue as long as I apply directly to a brush and then to the face, when used this way I find that they blend beautifully and this shade creates a genuine contour on my skin. Not my all time favourite cream formula, but easily usable with a slight alter in technique.

Marc Jacobs – Glow Stick ‘Spotlight #700’:

The first cream highlighter that I ever fell in love with. I love the natural glow this creates on the skin and is almost clear on the skin so easily suits any makeup look. The only criticism is there is only one shade of this product, and it will only suit fair and light skin tones which is a shame that more people can’t use this gorgeous product.

LUMA BEAUTY – On The Glow Highlight ‘Blushed Nomad’:

I personally use this stick style cream product as a blush because the shade is too deep for my skin tone to be used as a highlighter, but is a really gorgeous illuminating blush shade, but this shade would be a gorgeous option as a highlighter for anyone with medium to deep/dark skin tones.

LUMA BEAUTY – Illuminating Highlighter ‘Golden Glow’:

This is the newest to my collection as a Priceline 40% product pick up, and I’ve been loving to apply it with a domed kabuki brush straight from the little pot and directly onto the face. It gives a real ‘editorial beauty’ kind of glass skin appearance that is currently very on trend and is an affordable Australian brand widely available so ticks lots of metaphorical boxes.

PUR COSMETICS – Cameo Contour Stick ‘Light’:

This was actually the cream contour that created my initial love for the cream stick formula. I love this contour shade, but really don’t find much need for the highlight shade so therefore have found myself neglecting this more since discovering solo contour shades that I’ve been loving.

ICONIC LONDON – Strobing Stick ‘Glow’:

Another cream product that I don’t mention as much but still enjoy the texture of a lot. I don’t mention this as much because the shade is borderline too dark for my skin so I find that I can only really use this when I am decently tanned by my own standards. The shade is a really beautiful bronze glow, but would be more suited to someone with a darker complexion than myself.


All swatches were taken in natural lighting, but have not been edited in any way and the lighting has not been changed at all.

Top to bottom:

  • Luma Beauty – ‘Golden Glow’.
  • Marc Jacobs – ‘Spotlight’.
  • Nudestix – ‘Hey Honey’.
  • Iconic London – ‘Glow’.

Top to bottom:

  • Nudestix – ‘Sunkissed’.
  • Luma Beauty – ‘Blushed Nomad’.
  • Nudestix – ‘Bondi Bae’.
  • Pur Cosmetics – ‘Cameo Contour’.
  • Fenty Beauty – ‘Mocha’.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I have become such a cream product convert and really think it’s a style of product everyone should consider even if you have oily skin, I really believe there are the right cream formulas and when set with powder it can make for a really beautiful dimensional look to the skin.

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