SKINCARE: Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream.


Price: $104AUD.

Size: 50ml.

Availability: Mecca, Sephora US,

Claims: ‘Delightfully smooth and rich, this nourishing cream instantly veils skin in a healthy, dewy glow while locking in hydration and nutrients for improved skin function and a soft, smooth complexion.’ 


I’ve heard nothing but the most amazing things about Tatcha skincare, and this product has been my first introduction to the brand. I had heard really great things about the water cream and sounds like the kind of product that would be up my ally personally.

Having used a variety of styles of skincare and moisturisers, I normally sway more toward water and gel based moisturisers of a daytime and then prefer slightly thicker creams or oils of an evening as I find they add more hydration.

This has a very relaxing scent that is reminiscent of lavender but is not one of the ingredients so it must be a combination of the other ingredients. It has a purple tint to the cream, but blends out the same as any white appearing cream does.

I found that this melted quickly into the skin, and while it has a thick texture, I didn’t find that it felt like it sat on my skin as some other thicker creams can tend to.


From the first time I saw the price point of Tatcha skincare, I always thought that it would have to be an incredible skincare experience to be justifiable.

Since using the Dewy Skin Cream, even from opening the box initially, the insert inside to the luxurious feel of the weighted jar, along with the beautiful spoon that fits securely on top to make application more sanitary. I have been blown away with how luxurious this cream feels not only to use but once it is on the skin.

It melts so seamlessly into my skin and feels deeply hydrating and rich on the skin, without feeling or appearing heavy. It feels moisturising and comfortable, and I found I could continue to reapply without it pilling on my skin.

While it is expensive, I really do believe that it is a product justifiable if you are looking for a beautiful skincare experience.

Thank you as always for reading, and please do let me know if you’ve used anything from Tatcha before as this was my first introduction to the brand and I am a little curious!


  1. I positively adore The Water Cream from Tatcha and The Dewy Skin Cream is next on my list. I mean that literary. It’s on it’s way to me right now!


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