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EXPERIENCE: Privée Clinic -Bondi Junction.


The clinic is situated in Bondi Junction, walking distance from the Bondi Junction Westfield, making it easy to access by Public bus, and I personally had no issues parking near by the clinic.

They offer skin treatments such as the chemical peel I personally experienced but they also specialise in injectables. Making them equipped to fulfil most cosmetic and skincare desires.


  • 35% Glycolic Chemical Peel.
  • 30 minutes of red light treatment.


I was super impressed with how secluded the clinic felt as it is in busy Bondi Junction, but by being a couple of streets off the main road, it feels central without being busy or overstimulating.

The clinic is small with an intimate feel and has two seperate treatment rooms as well as a small waiting room, but I much prefer the exclusive feel of the slightly secluded clinic rather than those in shopping centres.

I had a 35% glycolic peel and then a red LED light treatment to compliment the chemical peel treatment. The chemical peel is only on the skin for 3 minutes, and is then immediately neutralised and removed. I only noticed a tiny amount of tingling on my top lip mostly and then on the top of my forehead, but no discomfort.

The LED light treatment was the perfect way to relax after the chemical peel and helps treat inflammation in the skin, perfect to reduce and potentially side effects of the chemical peel, ideal used together.

As lovely as the treatment was, Emily from the clinic who administered the treatment was the real gem. Emily was professional yet incredibly warm and conversational making the treatment not only comfortable and effective, but relaxing.

She explained the treatment in depth and ensured that she had an understanding of my skin and what I wanted to achieve with the treatment as well as ensuring that I was informed around expectations and potential side effects.


Left image: Taken 2 hours before my treatment, no makeup. Wearing only eye cream and moisturiser.

Right image: Taken 18 hours after my treatment, no makeup. Wearing only eye cream and moisturiser.

Super happy with how much brighter my skin looks after only 1 treatment. It also feels softer and less textured, there was also no ‘down time’ with the treatment and no excessive redness thanks to the red LED light treatment.

Overall, I highly recommend the clinic and would suggest requested Emily if you enjoy a relaxing chat whilst having your treatments. I’ve linked the website of Privée Clinic below and also their Instagram. Please do let me know if you have any questions regarding the treatment of clinic below and I will endeavour to answer them.



Thank you for reading, and please do let me know if you have any questions as well as if you have had any skincare treatments lately that you have been loving!

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