BEAUTY: Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define – Concealer & Foundation.

I’ve been wanting to try this range out for such a long time, but tried to restrain myself. Now that I’ve tried them as I feel like Makeup Revolution is still a relatively unknown range to the Australian market, but I think it’s really exciting that it’s available in Priceline stores as well as online from Priceline.


  • Liquid foundation.
  • $18AUD from Priceline.
  • 23ml.
  • Frosted glass bottle.
  • Large doe foot applicator.
  • 46 shades.
  • Full coverage.
  • ‘Semi Matte’ finish.


The foundation is very full coverage, but I would say that it is quite easily sheered out when used with a sponge rather than a foundation brush. I personally enjoy it more when used with a sponge, as I prefer it’s appearance when slightly sheered out. Personally I love a more dewy look to the skin, and enjoy wearing very hydrating products underneath this foundation to prevent it from looking cakey.

When using a sponge, moisturiser and hydrating primer I find that this foundation doesn’t look heavy on my skin and lasts beautifully all day. My only concern was that it settled very quickly into my smile lines so may not be ideal for someone with overly textured or lined skin.


  • Liquid concealer.
  • $14AUD.
  • 13g.
  • Full coverage.
  • Large doe foot applicator.
  • 18 shades.
  • ‘Semi Matte’ finish.


This is a full coverage concealer, but definitely needs to be moisturised before using or it can become quite dry. It does dry down quite quickly, so blend it out quickly or it will settle into the skin and become impossible to blend.

The large range of shades is fabulous as always, and I think a really lovely affordable entrance into the beauty market. Accessibility in makeup is key!


Overall, I’m really impressed with both of these products, and think that they are easy to work with, and easy to enjoy. However, with both the foundation and concealer it is important to moisturise before wearing them.

Both are full coverage, and lasted well through out the day on the various times I have worn them. Happy to continue using both products in my makeup routine.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review of both products, as I thought it would be a bit more interesting to review them together, rather than separately. Let me know if you’ve used either of these products and your thoughts in the comments, along with your skin type so that anyone reading can be helped as well.

*Both the foundation & concealer was gifted to me, but I was not required to make a post about the products, I chose to out of my own personal interest as I was very curious about the range.

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