BEAUTY: Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick.

Nudestix is one of my favourite brands, and since falling in love with their cream products, they’ve definitely been one of my favourite brands of 2019 and I’ve found myself incorporating a lot of their Nudies into my daily beauty regime.

Another thing I love about this brand is that they are quite innovative and blur into that beautiful realm between beauty and skincare, my personal sweet spot. The Nudies Tined Blur Stick is kind of a primer, but also kind of stick complexion product, but definitely not a foundation. I would really describe this as the ultimate ‘your skin but better’.

Shade range: 10.

Price: $46AUD.

Size: 6grams.

Availability: Exclusive to Sephora.

My shade: Light 3.

I don’t have a myriad of thoughts regarding this product as it is quite a simple product. I love this it just blurs the skin, adds a touch of colour, personally I don’t wear this with anything else, and just wear it as a little bit of added colour on my no makeup days.

I find that this helps even out my skin tone, minimise a little bit of redness, and perfect for avoiding showing all of my skins texture, and perfect if you have a little bit of scarring or a couple of semi active spots that you just want to gloss over for running errands, work, university, really whatever you like to wear a no makeup look to.

My only real criticism of the product is that there is only 6grams of product, and considering the average foundation has 30ml, I would say it is actually quite expensive for the size of the product.

Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you’ve used this product or anything similar, because its a category that I’m loving my entrance into. It’s really all I’ve been wearing since I’ve been on University break and not wearing makeup, but wanting a little something to even things out without feeling like I need to wear makeup.

* For reference my skin is pale with freckles, redness is my main skincare concern, and I have rough texture on my lower cheek/jawline area. My skin type is normal combination with dehydrated areas.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that I am not qualified in any way regarding skincare, makeup or haircare and have not studied them, and am simply dispersing information based on my own personal experience and use of the mentioned products. If you are suffering from serious skin concerns please seek the advice of trained professionals, but for those of you looking for simple product recommendations then, by all means, continue to read my website. 


    1. It’s definitely not a foundation or even a bb cream level of coverage, but more of a ‘your skin but better’. Loving it on no makeup days. Thank you for reading x

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