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Hello! I know I’ve posted my book reading list, and I feel that is very relevant to my current ‘ISO SERIES’ because let’s be real, the world has changed so much in the start of 2020. I truly have no idea where it’s all headed, which can be scary and uncertain, but I think it is important to try and maintain some sense of normalcy but also keep mind, body and soul engaged at such a difficult time.

If you read my Instagram captions (shameless plug), then you will have noticed along with my images, that things are kind of changing on my website and social media platforms. I think like every aspect of life, there should always be growth, and this is mine.

I still love beauty and skincare, but they aren’t the only thing that I love and I want to share that, because I feel like so many of you probably don’t just love skincare and beauty as well. I want to share about other things I love wether they be Instagram pages, podcasts, book, other websites. I’m not interested in sharing my personal life by any means, because thats dull as, but I want to be more rounded, rather than just whatever I’m slapping on my face.

So today I want to share some important resources to keep yourself plugging away in this crazy time in the world right now. It is so important to remember that we’re all going through a similar experience, and while I’m sure everyone’s experience is a little different currently, we can for the most part all relate.

In the coming days I’ll be sharing some of my favourite apps, Intagram pages, tv series and other things to do and enjoy at home during this time. Please do share what you’re loving during this time and what’s been helping you feel better.


If this is all feeling overwhelming and you feel that you cannot cope, please do seek assistance, there are so many resources you can use from your home, and I think that it is really important to remember to look after your mental health at this difficult time.

Headspace have some amazing tips and suggestions for how to deal with the stress of COVID-19, but also has services and resources if your stress is manifesting into something more troubling.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by information, then websites like WHO are great resources to keep yourself away from the overly emotional news outlets.

If you are an Australian citizen or residing in Australian, then I recommend keeping updated in regards to changes in the Australian landscape as well as reliable updates.

Also, turn off the news if it causing you more harm than good. I personally have avoided watching news stories and choose instead to read the news from the government updates or from the ABC as I find myself getting far more overwhelmed when I watch the news, and am more relaxed when I read the new.s

Thank you for taking time from your day and reading, please do let me know what kind of content you would like to read at this challenging and difficult time!

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