EMPTIES – Makeup.

Years after becoming somewhat of a makeup hobbyist, I had a moment of realisation that my collection was becoming out of control towards the start of last year. As someone who is fortunate enough to receive some press samples as well as purchasing some my own I became acutely aware that I had more makeup than I could truly enjoy.

So since last year I have been making a concerted effort to use up more products rather than simply purchasing or opening new ones so often. I have been purchasing less, and passing on more, but it has allowed me to enjoy the products that I do have. This has led to a lot more empty products than I have had previously, so bare with me as there will be a couple of empties website posts coming up as there has been quite a collection building.

COVER FX – Custom Cover Drops:

One of the few products that I have every used and thought was something really original. I love the concept of this product, how it can change the appearance of another foundation or be used as a foundation all on it’s own. A huge shade range, and a really versatile product, while it isn’t cheap I believe it’s versatility is really impressive and I loved the way this looked on my skin as a foundation alone, and found that it mixed well with every foundation I tried it with.

L’OREAL – Skinny Definer Brow Artist:

The most underrated fabulous eyebrow pencil! Nobody talks about this from what I’ve heard, and it performs just as well as any other brow pencil I’ve used before, including one’s from far higher price points. I love the balance between being pigmented and able to distribute product, without applying too much at a time. Super easy to use, love the spoolie on the other end, highly recommend this mechanical brow pencil.

SKINDINAVIA – The Makeup Primer Spray:

Skindinavia makes some of the most popular setting sprays, so I was super curious when they launched a primer spray. I really enjoyed this as a lightweight and fast primer solution. Overall, I wouldn’t say this changed the appearance or longevity of my makeup dramatically so it isn’t really something I would rush out to purchase. It did refresh my skin nicely before applying makeup, but I think any skincare based spritz would do a similar job and may have more skincare benefits. Great concept, but I didn’t personally notice much of a difference.

NYX – Total Control Drop Foundation:

So I ended up enjoying this foundation much more than I expected, however, I believe it has since been discontinued. I loved how luminous my skin looked with this foundation on, and how beautifully this foundation mixed with other products, which is one of my favourite ways to wear every foundation. If this is still available, it was very buildable, lightweight and super easy to blend, a very enjoyable daily foundation.

NYX – Micro Brow Pencil:

One of my all time favourite brow pencils that I repurchase constantly as I can’t live without a mechanical brow pencil in my collection. I love the way my brows look with this pencil, and how easy it is for me to have natural or more defined brows. Highly recommend as well as the other brow pencils mentioned, quite frankly their all fab!

URBAN DECAY – All Nighter Setting Spray:

This was the MeccaLand scent that was exclusive to the event, but it is the exact same as the original other than the scent in my personal experience. I do find that my makeup lasts a little longer when using this spray, however the major benefit for me personally is the way it makes my makeup look, and helps minimise the powder appearance, but any spray does this essentially so I wouldn’t say this is super integral to my makeup collection.

However, I don’t have oily skin, so my makeup lasting isn’t a concern for me personally, so if you do have oily skin maybe check in with oily skin based reviews for something more accurate.

MAYBELLINE – Ultra Slim Brow Pencil:

One of my go to brow pencils, the shade is perfect for me and my hair and complexion. I love the small nib of the pencil and how precise I can be when doing my brows using this product. Very affordable, and considering that I believe it’s a great way to save some money in your makeup routine, without compromising on the performance of the product.

AUSTRALIS – Makeup Finishing Spritz Matte:

Another nice setting spray, and a good affordable version of a category that tends to be dominated quite a lot by the more expensive market. I did enjoy this spray, but as someone who’s not looking for a matte appearance to my skin, this wasn’t really my favourite. However, someone with oily skin who is looking for a longer wearing option this could be a great affordable option.

COVERGIRL – Brow Micro Fine + Define Pencil:

Another fabulous affordable brow pencil discovery that I made during a previous Priceline sale. I love everything about this pencil, other than the shade is a little warm for my hair and complexion. Other than the shade, it’s just as good as the other three I’ve recommended so see which shade works best for you because it truly was a lovely product.

Thank you very much for reading, I have quite a few more empties, so I have decided to do a makeup edition, which shall be followed by the skincare edition, and then most likely whatever is left over after in a bit of a leftovers edition.

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