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BEAUTY: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.

*This product was gifted to me by the PR agency of Rimmel, but I am under no obligation to post about this product, and am doing so unbiasedly.

Coming back to my website after a long hiatus, with a little foundation review!

Honestly, I used to use Rimmel foundations once upon a time, when I couldn’t match the colour, didn’t moisturise my skin and used St Ives Apricot Scrub. So I do have some negative memories associated with Rimmel foundations.

However, I was still open to trying out the ‘Lasting Finish Foundation’ when I received it because it couldn’t hurt to try!


  • $18.95AUD RRP.
  • 30ml.
  • SPF20.
  • 14 shades.

This foundation is described as “Full Coverage Foundation enriched with a comfort serum. Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day.”

While I personally found this to be a very comfortable to wear I wouldn’t describe it as the most long wearing foundation, but for an everyday work day it was fine, and the glow was so flattering on my skin which I adored.

This foundation does have 25 hour lasting claims, which I would never test myself, or ever recommend wearing any foundation for 25 hours. I wouldn’t describe this as a particularly long wearing foundation, but it wore nicely on the skin.


Serious kudos to Rimmel because I was much more impressed than I expected to be. Long wearing and glowy are my two favourite things in a foundation, and this one did relatively well in both departments.

However, sadly as all too often with affordable foundations the shade range is by far the most disappointing part of this foundation. 14 shades from a huge brand like Rimmel is very disappointing.

Overall, I would recommend this foundation if you enjoy a foundation that wears comfortably all day, with a nice natural glow. However, of course you must be able to find your shade within the range to be able to try this foundation out.

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